The Black Phone Actor Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Parents and Everything To Know

Miguel Cazarez Mora is a 15-year-old actor who has Mexican-American parents.

The actor is best known for his role in The Black Phone (2021). He is also a model and social media influencer.

The teenage celebrity has gained immense success at such a young age because of his appearance in the horror film “The Black Phone.”

Miguel plays the role of Robin Arellano, the friend of the main protagonist. The horror project is directed by Scott Derrickson and has received substantial positive reviews from critics. It premiered in September 2021 but is getting global recognition currently as many people are exploring this horror picture.

The critics and audience love it. As one of the movie’s main characters, Mora is getting worldwide public recognition. Since the film’s release, the young actor has grown immensely popular, and millions of fans follow him on social media.

Quick Facts On Miguel Cazarez Mora

Nickname Mikey
Age 15 Years Old
Birthday March 1, 2007
Parents Unknown
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Height Around 5 ft 3 in
Girlfriend None
Instagram official_miguelcazarezmora
TikTok miguel.cazarez.morar
Net Worth $10,000
Siblings 1 Little Brother
Birthplace United States of America
Nationality American



Who Are Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Parents?

Miguel Cazarez Mora was born to Mexican American parents in America.

The names of Mora’s mother and father are not yet revealed, but he has shared a photo of his mom on his Instagram.

The beautiful picture with his mom is captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day, mom, I love you so much!!” He thanked her for always being for him.

Fans are convinced his charming looks are genetic gifts from his mom. They cannot stop admiring how gorgeous she is. On the other hand, his father is never mentioned anywhere. The actor has not shared his name or image, and many believe her mother raised him as a single mom. But the young actor is secretive about his parents and their marital life


Going through his Instagram profile, he has also shared a picture with his little brother during Halloween. So he is not an only child and has a cute younger sibling. However, the name and age details of the kid are also kept private.

Miguel Zazarez Mora Age and Birthday

Miguel Zacarez Mora was born on March 1, 2007, and is 15 years old.

The teenage actor and model is an American by nationality and has Mexican heritage.

Miguel Zacarez Mora modeling the casual style in a white background photoshoot.
Miguel Zacarez Mora modeling the casual style in a white background photoshoot. ( Source : instagram )


His Height and Appearance

Miguel Zacarez Mora stands at the height of around 5 feet 3 inches based on his appearance.

His long hair is the iconic feature that makes him stand out even more. The actor is renowned for his hairstyle and proudly flaunts it.

Does Miguel Cazarez Mora Have A Girlfriend?

Miguel Cazarez Mora is reportedly single and does not have a girlfriend.

He is just 15 years old and so good-looking that he is a heartthrob for all teenage, predominantly female fans. But the actor has not revealed whether he has a gf or not. It is safe to assume that he is currently single and focusing on his career as he has just begun the journey to be a superstar actor.

Miguel Cazarez Mora with his co-star Madeleine McGraw
Miguel Cazarez Mora with his co-star Madeleine McGraw ( Source : instagram )


His Acting Career

Miguel Cazarez Mora entered the acting field through the horror movie The Black Phone.

This is his debut project, and he plays the antagonist role. The viewers most appreciate his acting. So he must have received many offers to work on future projects too.

Miguel plays the role of a child kidnapper in the movie. He is also called The Grabber, aka Robin Arellano.

He was recently pictured at the Universal Studios of Hollywood for his horror movie alongside his costar Madeleine McGraw.

Miguel Cazarez Mora at the Univerdal studios
Miguel Cazarez Mora at the Univerdal studios ( Source : instagram )


Miguel Cazarez Mora Net Worth

The actor Miguel Cazarez Mora has a net worth of $10 Thousand, according to Popularnetworth.com.

He is just at the start of his career, so he has not amassed millions of worth, but the young actor is bound to get more successful with time and experience in the field.

His Hometown and Background

Miguel Cazarez Mora was born in the United States and is American. The exact state and city is not revealed. It is not known where he lives currently.

Talking about his background, his mother and father have stayed away from the public limelight and hence more details on their heritage and religion is also a mystery.

Miguel Cazarez Mora on Instagram and TikTok

Miguel Cazarez Mora is pretty famous on TikTok and Instagram. He frequently uploads TikTok videos of his life as an actor behind the scenes.

He is active on TikTok under the username “Miguel.Cazarez.mora”. He is also known as Mikey. He has around 2 million followers on TikTok and over 8.5 million views on his videos.


His TikTok is where we found out he is not only a good actor but also a good singer and guitarist.

Similarly, Mikey is active on Instagram under the username “official_miguelcazarezmora.” There he has around 1 million followers. The actor is much more active on TikTok rather than on Instagram.

Facts To Know

What movies is Miguel cazarez Mora in?

Miguel Cazarez Mora has been in only one movie called “The Black Phone”

How old is Miguel from The Black Phone?

Miguel Cazarez Mora was born on 1st March 2007 and is 15 years old in 2022.

Where Is Miguel Cazarez Mora From?

The Black Phone actor Miguel Cazarez Mora is originally from the USA and has Mexican heritage.

Who is Robin from The Black Phone?

Robin from The Black Phone aka The Grabber is Miguel Cazarez Mora in real life.

How Tall Is Miguel Cazarez Mora?

Miguel Cazarez Mora stands at the height of around 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Does Miguel Cazarez Mora Have A Girlfriend?

No, Miguel Cazarez Mora does not have a girlfriend in 2022.

Is Miguel Cazarez Mora Mexican?

Yes, The Black Phone actor Miguel Cazarez Mora is a Mexican-American by ethnicity.

Who Is Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Dad?

Miguel Cazarez Mora has not mentioned anything about his father.

When Is Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Birthday?

Miguel Cazarez Mora celebrates his birthday on 1st of March every year.

Does Miguel Cazarez Mora Have Siblings?

Yes, Miguel Cazarez Mora has siblings. He has a little brother but he does not have a sister.

How Much Does Miguel Cazarez Mora Weigh?

Miguel Cazarez Mora looks fit and probably has an average weight of around 50-55 kg based on his height.

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