Truth About Sherry Aon – Rick Gonzalez’s Wife

Sherry Aon Background Details

Rick Gonzalez, an American actor, is wed to Sherry Aon. When Rick and Sherry were still in high school, they fell in love. Over the years, they had one kid together.

Despite being married to a movie star, Rick Gonzalez’s wife dislikes being in the spotlight. Consequently, there is not much information available regarding Aon. It is difficult to follow Sherry’s life because she is not yet active on any social networking sites. We were able to learn some important facts about her, though.

Summary of Sherry Ann’s Bio

Full Name Sherry Aon
Nickname Sherry
Birthday NA
Birthplace United States
Age In her late thirties
Profession NA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race/Ethnicity MIxed

How Old is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon has yet to share personal details like her date of birth and background details with the media and public. However, going by her physical traits, she does look like she was born sometime in the ’80s, but there is no confirmation of that yet. Also, the family she comes from is not known, including the identities of her mother and siblings, if she grew up with any.

Her father, on the other hand, has been identified as Tony Cass, but that is the only available detail about him. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that she comes from a mixed background that includes an African heritage. She identifies as an African-American woman with unique physical features.

Like her early life, the level of education attained by Sherry Aon is not public knowledge. We can’t confirm if she went to college or not and what she studied.

When Did Sherry Aon Become Rick Gonzalez’s Wife?

The couple got married in 2012 in a private wedding ceremony attended by only close friends and family. Before their wedding, they lived together while they were dating and were close to each other.

Aside from the fact that they are married, very little information has been made available about when and where they got married or even when they met. From the tidbits available, it has been deduced that the lovebirds met during their high school days.

According to a Mother’s Day post that Gonzalez shared on social media to pay tribute to Sherry, she gave him attitude the first time they met, but he enjoyed the chase and kept pushing. The actor also revealed that their relationship has not been a bed of roses, even though it seems so when you look at the adorable duo.

They argued a lot in the initial stage, but this didn’t stop them from falling head over heels in love. Rick Gonzalez’s Mother’s Day post says it all;

“When we first met, you had so much attitude…I loved it. Did we argue? Yes lol. But, we communicated the depths of who we are to each other and fell in love.”

He praised her resilience even in the face of trials that came with love and family, especially in the budding stage. To Gonzalez, Sherry Aon is his rock, and she has always worked hard to see that he and their daughter get nothing but the best.

Sherry Aon Has One Daughter

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Skylar Gonzalez is a daughter born from the union of Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez. The daughter of Sherry Aon was born on July 26, 2013. Now that their daughter is ten, it doesn’t appear like the parents would be open to having another child. They are a contented family of three, leading fulfilling lives in their American home.

The actor claims that his wife and daughter are what make him who he is, and he would never give them up for anything.

What Does Rick Gonzalez’s Wife Do For a Living?

The lack of information about her educational background has made it difficult to figure out her career path. So far, no career has been linked to Rick Gonzalez’s partner. Her absence on social media has not helped the situation as well. This is even though her partner with whom she shares a daughter is a popular actor cum musician with the spotlight on the family.

A Look at Rick Gonzalez’s Career Journey

Born June 30, 1979, Rick Gonzalez is a popular American actor who doubles as a musician. He was born in New York City but hails from a Dominican and Puerto Rican background. Growing up in NYC, Gonzalez fell in love with the performing arts from a young age and would always put up improvised shows for his family.

He later attended the High School of the Performing Arts, where he honed his skills before joining the movie industry. His career began in New York in 1998 on the set of Thicker Than Blood, where he played the role of Sanchez. His feature film debut came in 2000 on the set of Mambo Cafe, where he played Ricky. This means that Gonzalez has been active in the movie industry for more than two decades, and he is still relevant.

He is best known for his depiction of Timo Cruz in Coach Carter, Ben Gonzalez in Reaper, and Naps in Roll Bounce. He played Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog in the CW superhero TV series Arrow for four years (2016-2020). Some of his most recent productions are the TV series adaptation of The Lost Symbol and Law & Order: Organized Crime, where he played the main roles of Nunez and Det. Bobby Reyes, respectively.

The last big screen role Gonzalez played was in 2017 when he depicted the character of Papers in the movie titled Deuces.

Gonzalez is also a musician in his own right. His mixtape was released on May 24, 2011, as hosted by DJ G-Spot. The musical piece is titled The Invisible Man. The title of the mixtape was inspired by Gonzalez’s struggles to make it in the music industry. He tried for about 7 years to kick off his music career but was given cold shoulders. Thus, he felt like an invisible man. He also made an appearance on Mic Tyson – the last album of Sean Price, which was released on October 30, 2012.

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