Web Developer Traininng lively at Oshogbo By June 15 2021

  • Web Developer Traininng lively at Oshogbo By June 15 2021

    Exclusive Web Training / web Development


    Good day my good peoples in Oshogbo State of Osun that web training and web development will commence on june 15 2021 and it will comprised so many opportunities, in this program we are going to teach peoples how to design website and how to manage it from begging to expert . In this program we are going to teach all applicants how to monetized their websites and start earning money from it. Noted You don’t even need to  have knowledge of coding before you can come to this program we are going to teach and elucidate everything for you ,  And I believe that this will help many peoples in my States thanks.

    Program  Breakdown.

    • Form #2,000
    • Learning Handbook #3,000 (Optional)
    • To own personal website that day #10,000 (Payment yearly)
    • Having ID Card #1,200 (Optional)
    • Having Workshop Cloth #3,000 (Optional)


    What to Teach / Explaining to all Applicants

    1. Front-end Develoer
    2. Html, CSS, Boostrap, Javascript and jQuery
    3. How to installed WordPress
    4. How to Create E-Commerce Websites
    5. How to create Database
    6. How to link Database to PhpmyAdmin
    7. How to clone another websites, theme or appearance
    8. How to link/point Domain name and hosting together either if their the same servers or not
    9. How to choose domain name / Buy domain name
    10. How to Purchase Hosting from local and international
    11. Some important Plugin to use for wordpress websites
    12. Search Enging Optimization. (Seo)
    13. How to Create pages and Categories

    To whom may concern this program will comprised  many things and we are going to explain how to work on other platforms Like Indeed , Peoples per hour, Fiverr, etc.

    Also we are going to teach/explain how  to create advertisement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    NOTED :- This program is not restricted by age anyone who have interest on how to have websites or become web developer can also enroll in this program thank.


    Innovations at every step

    Web Designing Training                                                                                                                 Price 2000(2K)

    100% Live 15th of June 2020

    Project work

    ThinkNext Technologies Private Limited

    Corporate office: N0 30 oke bale olohun kemi Oshogbo

    Contact :- 07036054209, 09055300892

    Website:- www.exclusive9ja.com




    (2021) Learning Project First Edition

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