What Is Polecat324 Real Name? YouTuber Details Amid Allegations

Youtuber Details, Allegations Of Whose Real Name is Polecat324

A selfie of YouTuber Polecat324 taken at night. ( Source : twitter )

The famous Youtuber Polecat324’s real name is Jordan, but he is mainly known by his nickname Polecat.

Jordan is currently in the spotlight on allegations of being a child predator. There has been no verifiable news concerning him yet, and he has been quiet about it.

Polecat324 was born in California, United States, and is well known for being a YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel in January 2013, publishing his first video, “GTA IV LCPDFR MSES Clan Episode 1,” a month later.

Polecat324 is well-known in the United States for his Department of Justice roleplay videos. Polecat324 is the founder and director of the Department of Justice Roleplay Community, better known as DoJ or DoJRP, a serious cops-and-robbers-style roleplaying server for Grand Theft Auto V.

In addition, he and a group of companions founded the gaming community Code Zero Gaming. His main YouTube channel has 1.22 million subscribers, and he started a channel called Polecat324 Live to post his live streams, which have thousands of subscribers.


Quick Facts About Polecat324

Real Name Jordan
NickName Polecat324, Polecat
Date of Birth June 22, 1993
Birth Location California, United States
Age 29 years old
Parents Unknown
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth Less than $1 million
Instagram polecat324.official
YouTube Polecat324



What Is Polecat324 Real Name?

Polecat324’s real name is Jordan, but he is more well-known online through his nicknames.

Polecat324 and Polecat are his internet names. He loves using his online aliases, such as Polecat, to introduce himself, and his friends also refer to him by these nicknames.

Additionally, he is active on all the social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube with his internet name Polecat324 and Polecat. However, the reason behind keeping this is unknown.

Jordan Polecat324 had previously been a member of the gaming community known as Code Zero, or simply “czg.”

It was a team comprised of Polecat324, TheNorthernAlex, and Y0TELEX. Other members of this gaming club include Jeff Favignano, frooglesim SteveTheGamer55 BLacKHaLLoW, and Zach Houseknecht.


Polecat324 aka Jordan vlogging in the poolside area

Polecat324 aka Jordan vlogging in the poolside area ( Source : youtube ) 

Polecat324 Allegations and Update Now 2022

Polecat324 is amid the child predator allegations, according to Reddit.

The recent victim, Jeff came forward by providing screen-recorded, independently authenticated Snapchat recordings of Polecat demanding inappropriate nonconsensual photographs from a kid and engaging in other questionable activities with the minor in exchange for gifts and merchandise.

There are speculations on social media that the DOJRP Administration is seeking to aid Polecat in burying this tragedy.



There are more victims, both those who have come forward and those who we are aware of but have not yet reached the point where they feel comfortable speaking out.

According to the reports, this individual decided to come out to protect others from abuse. However, we cannot be convinced that Polecat324 is a child predator because the claims against him have not been confirmed yet.

Who Is Polecat324 Girlfriend?

Polecast324 is not dating anyone and does not have a girlfriend currently.

There is an equal probability of the Youtuber being in a relationship or single. If he is dating someone, he is completely keeping it under his wraps.

Polecast324 prefers to keep his love life a private matter. He stays clear of the media while discussing his girlfriend since he does not want his romantic life to be in the public eye.

The YouTuber does not want to collide between his love life and celebrity life. Therefore, his relationship status is unavailable as of writing this article.

What Is Polecat324 Networth?

Polecat324 estimated networth is approximately less than $1 million.

Jordan’s source of wealth comes from being a successful YouTuber. He joined his Youtube channel on 22 January 2013 and has more than 1.22 million subscribers.

He has posted 3.2k videos and has more than four hundred million views on his Youtube channel. His YouTube channel views give him the means to maintain a quality of life.

He also has another YouTube channel called Polecat324 Live, which he started in 2015. On his second channel, the YouTuber has 530k subscribers and has released 277 videos.


Jordan is talking about the product on his Youtube channel

Jordan is talking about the product on his Youtube channel ( Source : twitter )



Some FAQs

Is Polecat324 a child predator?

Polecat324 has been accused of being a child predator, however we cannot confirm this or that the claims made against him are accurate.

Is Polecat324 a real cop?

Polecat324 is the founder and former director of the Department of Justice Roleplay Community. Polecat324 resigned as DoJRP’s Owner and Director on September 20, 2022.

What is Polecat324 real name?

Polecat324 real name is Jordan.


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