Who Is Alice Azania Jarvis’ Mother Judy Matheson?

Who Is Judy Matheson? Facts About Alice Azania Jarvis' Mother

Alice Azania Jarvis’ mother, Judy Matheson, is married to Douglas Jarvis.

Alice is a renowned freelance journalist based in London. She is known to write for top-rated news dailies like The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, and The Evening Standard. Alice is also the editor of Times2, a daily feature section. Alice has loved being in front of the camera since her childhood.

Alice is the daughter of popular actress Judy Matheson which has made her quite famous since childhood. She has been constantly spotted along with her mother and is praised for her beauty.

Her job involves everything from coming up with feature and interview ideas to commissioning and briefing writers, editing copy, writing headlines, working with designers, and attending news conferences and forward-planning meetings. She further added that she oversees the growing Times2 social media presence and contributes to developing our online offering by working on video and digital-first projects.

She is a dedicated and hardworking journalist who has pushed herself much further to prove her worth and make her name in the market.


Quick Facts about Alice-Azania Jarvis

Full Name Alice-Azania Jarvis
Known as Alice Jarvis
Father’s name Douglas Jarvis
Mother’s name Judy Matheson
Age 22 years old
Spouse John Matthew Hall
Nationality British
Instagram aliceazania



Who Is Alice Azania Jarvis’ Mother Judy Matheson?

Alice Azania Jarvis’ mother, Judy Matheson, is a famous British actress.

Judy is an ever-green actress in British cinema, as she has appeared in many films and television series. She is known to be a significant part of horror movies as she appeared in such films a lot in the past. Born on 27th August 1945, Judith C. Matheson, better known as Judy Matheson, claimed her position in the world of cinemas a long time ago.


Judy Matheson with her daughter Alice during her wedding.
Judy Matheson with her daughter Alice during her wedding. ( Source : instagram )


She started her career in 1967 with the Bristol Old Vic. Theatre Company. After touring all over the United States, Judy finally debuted with the film The Chairman, starring Gregory Pack. She has also done Spanish and English movies, which were pretty successful. Along with films, her television work includes City’ 68, Spindoe, Coronation Street, Z Cars, Crossroads, etc.

After the COVID lockdown, she also worked in Monologues, and in March 2022, she worked live at The Phoenix Arts Club. The cast included David Barry, Felicity Dean, Graham Cole OBE, Suzanne Maddock, & Larry Dann, and The Misty Moon Film Society produced it. It was recorded & will be later distributed on CD.

Judy Matheson Jarvis’s Age

Actress Judy Matheson Jarvis is 77 years old. She was born on 27th August 1945 in Thurrock, England.

She entered the world of cinema in 1967 and has given her best to scale as a great actress. At 77, she still performs gracefully and never disappoints her audience.

Judy is an inspiration to many and an exemplary figure to prove the statement,” Age is just a number.” She has broken all the stereotypical old women norms and is enjoying her life’s growth. Her daughter Alice Azania is also around 35-40 years old.

Judy Matheson Jarvis Husband and Children

Judy Matheson Jarvis has a beautiful family with her husband, Douglas Jarvis, and her two children. 

She has a cute little family of four with whom she spends her old age. She married English Actor Paul Freeman in 1967 but later divorced him. Again in 1995, she found the love of her life and married her now husband, Douglas Jarvis.


Alice Jarvis and John Hall getting married on September 4,2021
Alice Jarvis and John Hall getting married on September 4,2021 ( Source : instagram )


Along with her husband, she has two beautiful children, one of whom is Alice Jarvis, a freelance journalist. However, she has not yet revealed her second child in the media as she likes to keep her personal life private. Recently, her daughter Alice married her love John Matthew Hall in a private event.


Some Facts

Who is Alice-Azania Jarvis?

Alice-Azania Jarvis is a freelance journalist who has worked for reputed newspaper daily’s like daily mail, The Guardian, and many more.

Who is Alice-Azania Jarvis’s parents?

Alice-Azania Jarvis is the daughter of actress Judy Matheson and her husband Douglas Jarvis.

Is Alice-Azania Jarvis married?

Alice-Azania Jarvis is married to her husband John Matthew Hall.

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