Who Is Anthea Norman Taylor? Facts About Brian Eno’s Wife, Career, Net Worth

Anthea Norman-Taylor Is Mother Of Two Children

Anthea Norman-Taylor is the mother of two children, Irial Violet, and Darla Joy.

She welcomed her elder child Irial in 1990 with her husband Brian and her second child Darla the following year in 1991. Their children are 32 and 31 years old respectively as of 2022.

However, she has not revealed much about her two children on the web yet, but her younger daughter Darla has followed in her father’s footsteps and become an aspiring musical artist herself. In fact, the father and daughter have collaborated on several projects together.

Darla and Brian collaborated on the musician’s latest vocal album ‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE,’ Darla has contributed to the tract ‘We Let It In’ in her father’s album.

She is also a mother of a stepdaughter from her husband’s previous marriage. She is step-mother to Brian’s daughter Hannah who was born in the year 1967 with his first marriage to Sarah Grenville.


(L-R) Brian Eno, Michael Brook and Anthea Norman-Taylor working on new music video in Venice in 1985.
(L-R) Brian Eno, Michael Brook and Anthea Norman-Taylor working on new music video in Venice in 1985. ( Source : facebook )


She Is The Co-founder of Opal

Anthea Norman-Taylor is the co-founder of the creative artists’ company Opal with her brother Dominic Norman-Taylor.

The brother-sister duo formed the company with the intention to reunite old friends including Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, and Harold Budd, and investigate any possible collaborations and innovation in the popular music culture.

Opal was founded in the year 1984 to revive old music from as early as the 19th century. Their first event was done in Queen Elizabeth Hall in January of 1987 according to Music Hyper Real.

The company has achieved several tremendous milestones in music, they were responsible for the first satellite television connection between the west and Russia with rock music being the theme of the broadcast.

However, the fate of Anthea’s company Opal as of 2022 is not much known. The company was formed after Eno decided to leave EG Records and wanted something interesting for the future of music.


She Is 69 Years Old

Anthea Norman Taylor’s actual age is 59 years old in 2022.

She was born in September 1953 but unfortunately, her actual date of birth is not available on the web yet.

Taylor was 35 years old when she got married to her husband Brian in 1988 in New York City, United States of America. She was 40 years old when she gave birth to her first daughter in 1990.

However, she has not revealed much about her childhood or her personal life on the web yet. She has also not spoken anything about her parents or other family members apart from her brother Dominic Norman-Taylor.

Prior to getting married to Brian, Anthea was in a relationship with the musician for nearly five years starting in 1983. They worked together as Anthea was Brian’s manager at that time and helped him set up his music and performance around the world.

On the other hand, her husband Brian is 74 years old. Brian was born on May 15, 1948, in Melton, Suffolk, England. He was born to his parents William Arnold Eno and Maria Alphonsine Eno. His father was a postman and watch repairer.

He was born as the eldest son of the couple’s three children. He has a brother Roger and a sister Arlette. He also has a half-sibling Rita from his mother’s previous marriage.


She Does Not Have Any Social Media Profiles

Anthea Norman Taylor does not have any social media profiles on the internet.

She is not found using Instagram or Facebook under her real name but has made an appearance on social media through Brian’s fan pages and accounts.

Furthermore, Taylor also does not have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio. In fact, she has remained fairly away from the media and much about her personal life has not come to the public domain yet.


Some Facts

Who Is Brian Eno Wife?

Brian Eno is married to his wife Anthea Norman Taylor since 1988, Taylor is his former manager.

Who Are Anthea Norman Taylor Children?

Anthea Norman Taylor has two children Irial Violet and Darla Joy born in 1990 and 1991 respectively whom she shares with her husband Brian Eno.

What Is Anthea Norman Taylor Age?

Anthea Norman Taylor’s actual age is 69 years old as of 2022, she was born in September 1953.

Who Is Brian Eno First Wife?

Brian Eno was married to his first wife Sarah Grenville, the couple tied knot in the year 1967 and welcomed their first daughter Hannah the same year.

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