Who Is Cecily Strong’s Partner and Does She Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Cecily Strong Michael Che Engaged: Detail Information

Jack is the partner of Cecily Strong. Two months after they first met, she made their relationship public and they have been dating since December 2019. She is not married to Jack, and she is not engaged to be married.

Cecily tries her best to keep her relationship private, despite the fact that it is well known that she is in one. Her supporters do, however, want to know who her companion is and whether he is a boyfriend or husband. Follow along as we respond to their inquiries.

Is Cecily Strong In A Relationship, Who Is She Dating?

Yes, Cecily Strong is in a relationship with a man named Jack. Other than his name, there is little or no information about his identity. Many sources have confirmed that he is from the city of New York and that he is an international businessman who does a lot of traveling and conducts business transactions in countries like Cuba.

Cecily and Jack began dating in December 2019 and they were together for months before they made their relationship open to the public. Although they are very busy people, they manage to make out time to meet each other and forge a strong connection, and they’ve remained together ever since.

Cecily Strong and Her Boyfriend

Strong, who is also an actress with many movies and series credited to her name, seems to value the relationship she has with Jack and has reiterated that she wants it to work and last long like all normal relationships. In an essay published for Vulture in April 2020, Strong mentioned that she loves her boyfriend, making it known that they are taking the relationship very seriously.

The 39-year-old Comedian and actress is reported to have been single for the majority of her adult life, and that she used to like being single. To her chagrin, her friends, nevertheless, continue to try to introduce her to suitable bachelors. At a Christmas party in December 2019, her friend and agent attempted again, and this time it was successful.

Are Cecily Strong and Michael Che Engaged or Married?

No, Michael Che and Cecily Strong are not engaged or married. They are not even dating even though there are some rumors suggesting a love relationship between them. The rumor that they are engaged may have emanated from one of their recent SNL performances.

Strong and Che

As her sketch character Cathy Anne, Cecily Strong indicated that they were romantically involved during their final weekend update together. Cathy Anne admitted to Che that the program had been a nice run and that she had fallen in love with him. Cathy Anne is only his neighbor in the sketch, as Che goes on to say, but the general public did not appreciate the humor, therefore the rumor of them being together spread like wildfire.

Michael Che is not Cecily Strong’s Partner But Her Coworker on SNL

Even though we can say with certainty that Michael Che and Cecily Strong are not dating, they have been coworkers for almost ten years. Strong signed on as one of the featured stars in 2012, joining the ensemble a year before Che. Strong and Seth Meyers began co-anchoring Weekend Update the following year. Colin Jost then took over after Strong.

Che and Strong

Michael Che became a guest writer for Saturday Night Live in 2013 and was later elevated to the position of staff writer. On September 11, 2014, it was revealed that he would take Cecily Strong’s spot as the host of Weekend Update for the show’s 40th season.

As Michael Che and Cecily Strong are not in an actual romantic relationship, let’s now quench the rumors of them being together by letting you know the duos’ relationship statuses.

As mentioned above, Cecily Strong is in a relationship with a man named Jack. On the other hand, Michael Che is currently single, as he has stated that he is not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

In May 2021, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, he acknowledged that he would never date a famous woman, which strikes out Cecily Strong as a potential romantic partner. According to him, he just wants a nice, boring librarian. And not anybody famous.

Is Cecily Strong Pregnant?

Cecily Strong is not pregnant as of May 2023. However, fans of SNL have made wild guesses about her on social media throughout the years, including multiple instances where viewers have conjectured about her pregnancy.

So if Cecily isn’t pregnant, then why are there assumptions by social media users that she is? Multiple reasons have sprung up that may have led people to perceive that she could be pregnant.

Cecily Strong

One of such is her sudden weight gain, a pronounced stomach bulge, and her choice of clothing. Strong’s weight gain and change of wardrobe are a result of her long absence from the show, which led her to not watch her weight and maintain the kind of clothes she wears for work.

Strong, who had her last episode for the show in December 2022, was spotted with her partner at a restaurant on May 13, 2023, with an ‘apparent baby bump.’ According to sources, she made two toasts with water rather than wine, which then further solidified the claims that she could be pregnant.

As was mentioned, Strong has been linked to pregnancy rumors before, including the restaurant instances. She has vehemently denied them and called out individual people for lying.

Every time this rumor made headline news, Strong tried her best to put an end to it, but it seems she was unsuccessful. When she was first diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a toddler, she had issues gaining weight.

She reportedly consumes sugar as a result, which may be causing her to gain weight. Additionally, anytime she takes a break from SNL, she also skips the gym, which causes her to put on weight. Normally, Cecily ranges in weight from 55 to 65 kg.

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