Who Is Deetra Seriki? Rapper Chamillionaire Wife Is a Midwife

Everything About The CHmillionaire Rapper: Deetra Seriki And Wife Situation

Rapper Chamillionaire has been with his wife, Deetra Seriki, for a long time. Here is a detailed report about everything we could find about the vocalist’s spouse.

Chamillionaire, real name Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, is an American rapper recognized for his rise to stardom in the 2000s and early 2010s.

He is the founder of a local hip-hop group called The Color Changin’ Click and stayed in the group for four years from its making until the members split in 2005. In the same year, he signed up with Universal Records and released multiple songs under his name, which performed significantly well in the commercial scene.

With multiple albums and award-winning songs, Chamillionaire is a well-recognized name in the music industry, with millions of fans globally. Besides his music, the rapper is also known for his involvement in the entrepreneurial sector. He has started many ventures and worked closely in the business sector.

As he is widely known, many people keep a close tab on his personal life, and his love life is always a subject of deep query and curiosity among the audience. Speaking of his love life, the vocalist is reported to be with his wife, Deetra Seriki, for a long time, as per google reports.

However, there is little information about her. So, here we try to dig up more information about the artist’s spouse, who some say is a midwife. Before that, here are some facts to know about the rapper Chamillionaire.

Quick Facts


Full Name Hakeem Temidayo Seriki
Known As Chamillionaire
Age 42
Birthdate November 28, 1979
Wife Deetra Seriki
Net Worth $50 Million
Instagram @chamillionaire



Who Is Deetra Seriki? Is Chamillionaire Wife A Midwife?

Deetra Seriki is said to be the wife of the rapper Chamillionaire, although there are no details of their wedding.


Chamillionaire pictured during the early phase of his career
Chamillionaire pictured during the early phase of his career ( Source : hip-hop-music )


A few online sources, including Briefly and the google search engine, shows Seriki as the wife of the famous American rapper. Furthermore, Briefly also mentions that Seriki and Chamillionaire’s relationship started way back in 2001 when their relationship talks were spreading among the people.

In the years since then, there are reports which say they married and even have a child. However, nothing about their wedding details or even a picture of them can be found on the internet.

So, we are unsure if they are still together. Furthermore, Deetra, Chamillionaire’s wife, is said to be a midwife, and there is an Instagram account named Deetra Seriki, a midwife by profession. But looking at her posts, we can see pictures and videos of her with another man.

So, the confirmation if the rapper’s wife is a midwife named Deetra Seriki or if this is only a coincidence remains unspecified.

How Old Is Deetra Seriki?

Guessing her age based on her pictures, midwife Deetra Seriki appears to be around 35-45.

There are no details of her actual age and birthdate. So, we are unaware of her actual age and her background details. As a result, we can only guess her age range based on her online presence and photos, and on that consideration, we think that the woman might be in her late thirties or early forties.

Nonetheless, this is only a speculation, and her real age may vary from our estimation. Although the woman seems active on Instagram, she primarily focuses on generating help for pregnancy and other helpful causes while sharing her works.

She barely posts any private information about her life.

Deetra Seriki Children Details: Does She Share A Child With Chamillionaire?

Deetra Seriki does seem to have a child, but it is unlikely that she shares them with the rapper Chamillionaire.

The midwife woman has shared a few glimpses of her husband on her social media, where her spouse is holding a child. Since it was a family moment, we believe that Deetra shares that child with her spouse.

On the other hand, artist Chamillionaire opened up about having a son named Xavier in 2010 when he talked about his losses in house investment and said his son’s name Xavier meant “new house.” But he didn’t reveal his partner or any other specifications regarding his family life.

Since then, the rapper has stayed tight-lipped and doesn’t share any pictures of his wife or children on his socials. Thus, the details remain intact outside the media or public reach.

Deetra Seriki Net Worth Compared With Chamillionaire

Deetra Seriki probably has a relatively small net worth value compared to the rapper Chamillionaire.


Chamillionaire showing his expensive jewelry collection
Chamillionaire showing his expensive jewelry collection ( Source : hiphopdx )


Deetra works as a trained pregnancy assistant in Colorado, and according to Indeed, the average midwife salary in the United States is around $105,734 per year. Considering the woman generates annual revenue in the mentioned range, we can expect her to have a few hundred thousand in net worth, likely around $500k.

On the contrary, Chamillionaire, aka Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, has a massive net worth of $50 million, reports Celebrity Net Worth. Comparing his fortune with the woman, Hakeem’s wealth exceeds Deetra’s by at least $49 million.

The rapper has made a massive amount of money from his music career, and his business ventures help him elevate his fortune further. He has invested in multiple ventures and is the CEO of the entertainment company Chamillitary Entertainment. These involvements make him a hefty sum of money each year.

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