Who Is Elizabeth Debicki Partner In Real Life? Actress Plays Princess Diana In The Crown

Actress Elizabeth Debicki at the premiere of “The Burnt Orange Heresy” at the Venice Film Festival in 2019 ( Source : latimes )

Elizabeth Debicki had an on-screen partner as Princess Diana in The Crown; however, she is single in real life.

Elizabeth is one of the famous actresses who has worked in many popular series and movies. She is an Australian actress born and raised in France, Paris. The actress entered acting in 2010 and has proven her worth as a top-class actress. She has established herself as one of the upcoming generation’s finest actresses.

Elizabeth was born on 24th August 1990 in Paris to her Polish father and her Australian mother of Irish descent. Her parents were ballet dancers who met while performing in a show together. Later, when she was five, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia. She then settled down there with her family and established her career there.

As her parents were ballet dancers, Debicki became interested in ballet at an early age and trained as a dancer until deciding to switch to theatre. In August 2009, she received a Richard Pratt Bursary for outstanding acting students in their second year of training. Later in 2010, she completed a degree in drama at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Debicki was once rumored to be in a relationship with her co-star Tom Hiddleston. However, defying the rumors, Tom got hitched by his current partner Zawe Aston in 2022.


Quick Facts about Elizabeth Debicki

Height 6 feet 3 inches
Birthplace France, Paris
Citizenship Australian
Age 32 years
Profession Actress
Years active 2010-present
Net Worth $2 million
Date of Birth 24 August, 1990



Elizabeth Debicki Partner Or Husband: Is The Crown Actress Married?

Elizabeth Debicki and her co-star Tom Hiddleston were in a relationship, but currently, she does not have a partner.

Tom is now engaged to Zawe, and Elizabeth is single. The Crown actress had got her reel partner. However, she is enjoying her life as a single, independent woman. As far as we know about her relationship, Elizabeth Debicki isn’t dating anyone as of now, nor has she given any further updatelinkedSince she is not so vocal about her love life, most people were linking her with Tom Hiddleston.


Elizabeth and Tom during a photoshoot for their movie
Elizabeth and Tom during a photoshoot for their movie “The Night Manager” ( Source : legit )


However, neither of them confirmed this rumor, but Tom did get engaged to Zawe Ashton. A few years back in 2018, the actress also confirmed that the only thing she wanted out in the audience was her work and nothing else. She also said that she wanted to create her identity in the media and among the audience. This also gave a strong hint about her being currently single.

She also revealed her thinking and stated that earlier she dated shorter men, which was never problematic for her. Her interests include being regular, honest, pro-activated accurate. However, the person must have intelligence so that she can have intellectual and meaningful conversations with him.

Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Hiddleston Height Difference

Elizabeth Debicki is one of the tallest actresses, standing at 6 feet 3 inches. Whereas her co-star, Tom, stands at 5 feet 9 inches.

They were co-stars in The Night Manager, with whom she has a height difference of 4 inches.

The difference in height is not that significant, but both are called unique pairs. They are called unique on-screen pairs as, in most cases, boys are taller than girls. Elizabeth is a 32-year-old woman while Tom Hiddleston is 41, making them have an age gap of 13 years.

Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Relationship In Night Manager

In Night Manager, Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Hiddleston’s on-screen relationship created massive news in the media.

In the popular drama series, The Night Manager, Elizabeth played the role of blonde diva Jed, the girlfriend of Hugh Laurie’s antagonist character Richard Roper. In the drama, she kept her troubled marriage on the line and her life in danger by starting an affair with Tom’s character, Jonathan Pine.


Elizabeth and Tom in one of the scene of Night Manager
Elizabeth and Tom in one of the scene of Night Manager ( Source : radiotimes )


The relationship between Elizabeth and Tom was jaw-dropping hot, and people loved how they had the perfect chemistry with one another. In one of the scenes, both Elizabeth and Tom have an intimate time which creates a massive buzz in the media.

According to This Morning today, Elizabeth said: “It was quite intense… I had no idea of the effect it had…”We shot it quite quickly. I didn’t realize that [his bum flashing] was happening in that scene.”I was looking at his face.”


Some Facts

Who is Elizabeth Debicki?

Elizabeth Debicki is a famous actress known for her known as princess Diana in The Crown.

How old is Elizabeth Debicki?

Elizabeth Debicki was born on August 24, 1990 and is 32 years old.

Where was Elizabeth Debicki born?

Elizabeth Debicki was born in France, Paris but has Australian nationality.

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