Who Is Lexus Good? Meet Meagan Good’s Sister

Lexus Good with her older sister La’Myia Good ( Source : instagram )

Lexus Good is the youngest sister among the three siblings of Meagan Good.

With active involvement in the acting industry for over two decades, Meagan Good has established herself as a prominent on-screen personality.

Following her debut in 1994 from the TV series On Our Own, the gorgeous actress has played in several significant acting projects as she boasts 83 acting credits on her IMDb profile. Some of her prominent acting projects are HarlemShazam!, and Mr. Robinson.

While her professional life never fails to grab the regular limelight, Meagan’s personal life has not stayed far from the media attention. People are familiar with her sister, La’Myia Good, who is also an actress and singer.

The two actresses have a youngster sister besides their brother and parents in the family, and her name is Lexus Good. Lexus has managed to evade the excessive spotlight for most of the time to date, but recently, queries about her life and career have started to rise on the internet.

Here are some quick facts about her before we discuss in depth about the lady.


Quick Facts On Lexus Good

Real Name Lexus Good
Age 25- 35
Nationality American
Parents Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, Leondis Good
Sisters Meagan Good, La’Myia Good
Brother Colbert Good
Boyfriend Kyle Carlone
Instagram @beigebaby_



Who Is Meagan Good Sister Lexus Good?

Lexus Good is the younger sister of actresses Meagan Good and La’Myia Good. She is the youngest among the sisters.


La'Myia, Meagan, and Lexus pictured in their recent travel
La’Myia, Meagan, and Lexus pictured in their recent travel ( Source : instagram )


While the two elder sisters are active in the entertainment industry, Lexus’s professional background lies beneath the shadow. She is neither a musician nor an actress. Thus, she seems to be involved in the corporate sector rather than any specialized industry.

She is available on Instagram with the username @beigebaby_, where she mostly shares glimpses of her vacation and fun moments. The lady has not expressed details of her job or any other involvement on the photo-sharing platform.

Hence, it is quite challenging to keep track of her journey as there have been no previous reports about her.

Lexus Good Age: How Old Is She?

Guessing from her appearance, Lexus Good seems to be around the age of 25- 35 years old.

La’Myia is the eldest among the three ladies, as she is 43 years old. Similarly, born in 1981, Meagan is 41 years old. As Lexus is the youngest, she is below the age of 40 and appears pretty young, with a considerable age gap with Meagan.

Considering all the mentioned details, we think that Meagan’s younger sister might be around her thirties, likely a few years before the 30 mark or after it. Her actual age and birthdate-related information are not revealed on the internet.

Who Are Her Parents? Lexus Good Family Details

Lexus Good was born to her parents, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle and Leondis “Leon” Good.

Her father, Leon, is an LAPD police officer, whereas her mother, Tyra, previously worked as Meagan’s manager, reports Wikipedia. Their academic and other private details remain unknown.

Besides her parents, Lexus has three siblings in her family. Other than her two older sisters, the lady also has a brother named Colbert Good.

She Has A Loving Boyfriend

Meagan’s sister, Lexus Good, has a loving boyfriend named Kyle Carlone.


Lexus Good with her boyfriend Kyle Carlone pictured at a function
Lexus Good with her boyfriend Kyle Carlone pictured at a function ( Source : instagram )


They have been together for at least two years and have enjoyed a fantastic romantic relationship during these years. The lady has frequently shared photos of her partner on her Instagram as they continue their loving union.

Despite their closeness, the couple doesn’t seem to be engaged or married. While Kyle’s background remains unknown, he seems to be interested in fitness and modeling.


Some Facts

Who Is Lexus Good?

Lexus Good is the younger sister of the American actresses Meagan Good and La’Myia Good.

How Old Is Lexus Good?

Lexus Good appears to be around 25- 35 years old, based on her online photos and appearance.

Does Lexus Good Have A Boyfriend?

Yes, Meagan Good’s younger sister, Lexus Good, does have a boyfriend named Kyle Carlone.

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