Who Is LiQueen On Instagram? Pro CS Gamer Boombl4 Wife Uploaded His Videos On Telegram

LiQueen several posts and claims on her Telegram account have led her to controversy. 

A famous social media personality, LiQueen is mainly known for her relationship with Boombl4, a former NAVI captain. They recently mentioned their separation after six months of marriage.

The ex-couple were known to have many ups and downs in their relationship. However, this time seems different, as Boombl4 opened up about his decision to plan a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Regardless all the allegations, and pictures, have only focused the public attention more on them. Here, know more updates on the current scandals.


Who Is LiQueen On Instagram? Pro CS Gamer Boombl4 Wife

LiQueen is mainly famous as the wife of Pro Gamer Boombl4, a former NAVI captain. She is also an Instagram personality, sharing life and fashion content.

As a well-known social media personality, she has more than 48k followers on her IG account @liqueen.offi. She has titled her Insta handle a personal blog and shares her Telegram link.

She might have been dating a pro-CS gamer for a while, but it hasn’t been that long since they married. Looking into her Instagram, she started sharing his picture in late 2021.

Regardless, she has introduced herself as a young family doctor in her IG blog, written in Russian. Other than that, she seems to be doing modeling for herself on her personal blog.


LiQueen with her former husband Boombl4
LiQueen with her former husband Boombl4


LiQueen Leaked Drugs Using Videos On Telegram

Early in the morning, LiQueen made a series of posts, leaking drugs using videos on the Telegram. She then mentioned that her ex-partner is mephedrone addicted while releasing clips and pictures of him.

As per Escore News, she mentioned, “… he’s also a complete Mephedrone addict. He has betrayed me more than once and hurt me a lot.”

However, Boombl4 mentioned that he alleged LiQueen of blackmailing him with several photos and videos and claimed that the information is not True.

He further added, “Soon, I will be filing libel suits. Many thanks to everyone for the support and understanding at a difficult time for me.”



LiQueen’s Real Name Is Angelika Mikhailova- Divorce Rumors On Her

LiQueen’s real name is known to be Angelika Mikhailova. She currently faces rumors of divorce amid the telegram scandals.

Boombl4 confirmed the divorce while declining all other accusations against him. Moreover, he alleged her of providing false information and is looking forward to a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife.

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