Who Is Naomie Olindo’s New Boyfriend Frank Kenan 2022?

Who Is Naomie Olindo's New Boyfriend Frank Kenan?

Naomie Olindo attending a reunion party ( Source : instagram )

Naomie Olindo confirmed she is dating a new boyfriend named Frank Kenan after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. So, who is Frank?

Naomie is a famous American businesswoman, reality tv star, social media personality, and well-known influencer. She created a huge buzz by appearing on the Bravo TV famous reality show “Southern Charm”. Naomie is currently dating her boyfriend Kenan after being a hot topic while she was with her exes, Craig Conover and Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Her current boyfriend belongs to a popular family, the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Family. The businesswoman, announced her being in a relationship with her boyfriend at BravoCon 2022. She was open about her previous relationships which caused huge controversies when she broke up with her past boyfriend. Learning from the past she has also decided to not reveal much about her boyfriend.

Naomie said to the People, “I think you guys all know, I mean, the train wrecks that have been my previous relationships. I just don’t think it’s good to share with the world,” Olindo says. “Relationships are hard enough… so sharing it with all these people to have an opinion about it, I just don’t think — I’m just not willing to do that anymore.”

So, today we are going to discover more facts about her new boyfriend, Frank Kenan.


Quick Facts about Naomie Olindo

Full Name Naomie Olindo
Birthplace France
Age 30 years
Date of Birth August 4, 1992
Profession Businesswoman
Net Worth $3.5 million
Instagram naomie_olindo



Naomie Olindo’s New Boyfriend: Frank Kenan

Naomie Olindo is currently dating her new boyfriend, Frank Kenan, who is a part of the famous Kenan Family.

Frank Kenan was spotted with reality star and well-known businesswoman, Naomie Olindo. They were seen together several times and were speculated to be dating. At last, on Bravo Con 2022 Naomie finally revealed that she was dating Frank Kenan. The boyfriend of the reality star is said to be part of the famous University of North Carolina’s Kenan family known for having a massive amount of fortune.


Naomie and her boyfriedn Frank spotted watching a football match together.
Naomie and her boyfriedn Frank spotted watching a football match together. ( Source : realityblurb )


Recently, Naomie also revealed that she wants to keep this relationship of a bit lowkey and private, unlike the relationships she was in before. She also addressed the fact that Frank and her want to have some time together without any media attention.

Before  Frank, Naomie was in a serious relationship with her ex-boyfriend Metul Shah. After breaking up with reality star Craig Conover, Naomie found her love in a professional doctor and businessman, American-Indian Metul Shah. They started dating in 2018 but by the end of July 2021, they ended their stuff as they claimed that everything about their relationship was changed.

Frank Kenan Age

Frank Kenan has not been in the media limelight much; because of this, he has not revealed her age as well.

Kenan has not given much information about him, which makes him a mysterious character. Even though the media has spotted him and Naomie several times, both the couples prefer to stay quiet in front of the media and haven’t leaked any private details about Frank yet.


BravoandCocktail revealed Frank Kenan being the part of UNC family
BravoandCocktail revealed Frank Kenan being the part of UNC family ( Source : realityblurb )


However, Naomie was born on August 4, 1992, and is currently 30 years old. We can also tell Frank wouldn’t age more than 30-35 years old. The charm on his face and the toned body give him his perfect-looking age and show him to be classy.

Frank Kenan Net Worth and Family Background

Frank Kenan is said to be a part of a renowned family in North Carolina having a massive net worth.

Frank has not revealed anything about himself or his family but according to thehottestviral, he is part of the Kenan Family. They are top-class businessmen who had a great amount of fortune and wealth in the past. However, Frank has not revealed her net worth or his family background.


Some Facts

Who is Naomie Olindo?

Naomie Olindo is a popular French businesswoman known for her appearance in Southern Charm.

Who is Naomie Olindo dating?

Naomie Olindo is currently dating her Boyfriend Frank Kenan.

How old is Naomie Olindo?

Naomie Olindo is currently 30 years old as she was born on 4th August, 1992.


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