Who Is Santiago Lastra Chef? KOL Restaurant London Career And Wikipedia

Santiago Lastra is making headlines on the web after he revealed about opening a KOL restaurant in London. He is a renowned chef across the world.

Santiago exudes a charming genuineness. Kol, his first restaurant, will open right off Marylebone’s Portman Square in London, and he is quite excited about it.

His drive to cook is as bright as his smile, and while he seems poised to become the next great thing in the culinary world, there is a sense that he is still pinching himself.

The 29-year-old Mexican chef is so dedicated that he has slept on the floors of abandoned houses to save money so that he might work for free at other restaurants.


Who Is Santiago Lastra Chef?

Santiago Lastra is the Mexican chef behind London’s Kol restaurant, which is set to debut soon. He was also an important member of Noma’s well-known seven-week pop-up restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, in 2017.


Santiago Lastra announced about opening restaurant through his Instagram
Santiago Lastra announced about opening restaurant through his Instagram


The chef has spent the last four years traveling the world, accepting guest chef invites at high-profile restaurants like London’s Tate Modern and Copenhagen’s Hija de Sanchez.

Santiago spent a year studying and acquiring great ingredients from unassuming small-scale farmers across the country as Rene Redzepi’s right-hand man and was instrumental in the concept.

Chef Lastra gained a huge reputation from the public and came into people’s eyes after he was recognized as one of the top 35 restaurants in the UK in the National Restaurant Awards.

Santiago Lastra Has KOL Restaurant In London

Santiago Lastra is treading a never-seen-before culinary route at his magnificent terracotta-toned London restaurant KOL by combining Mexican dishes and methods with British ingredients.

KOL began as a concept on a beach in Tulum, molded by a desire to be among the select few who truly reflect Mexico.

It includes a cuisine based on tradition but constantly growing and adapting, with an appreciation of nature, culture, and people at its center.


Santiago Lastra posts his dishes on his Instagram
Santiago Lastra posts his dishes on his Instagram


Since the introduction of KOL, Santiago has been named GQ Best Chef 2021, and KOL has won prizes from La Liste, including New Arrival of the Year 2021.

More On Santiago Lastra Wikipedia And Age

Santiago Lastra is a Mexican chef who has impressed the world with his cooking skills from a young age.

Lastra’s story is one that will astound even the most seasoned diners, having worked in professional kitchens since the age of 15 and rising through renowned institutions such as San Sebastian’s Mugaritz.


Santiago Lastra posted a picture with his mother
Santiago Lastra posted a picture with his mother


He discovered that there were just a few instances of authentic Mexican cuisine around the globe after this experience of traveling and learning about the traditions and people behind Mexican gastronomy.

His family enjoyed what he cooked, so he returned to the store and purchased a little volume of Italian recipes, which he worked his way through. He had done job at an Italian restaurant to get a feel for the industry, and he enjoyed being a part of the team.

Does Santiago Lastra Have A Wife Or Girlfriend At The Moment?

Anyone who is Santiago Lastra’s wife or girlfriend must be really lucky as he is an exciting and skilled chef who can always keep his partner happy.

The only thing Lastra has not opened up to the media and public is his relationship status and net worth details. He has not provided any hints about his love life even on his Instagram.

However, Santiago has established himself as a top chef and has his restaurant, so people believe he has a good income.

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