Who Is Satchel Clendenin? 5 Things You Must Know About Katie Maloney’s Boyfriend

Katie Maloney’s boyfriend, Satchel Clendenin, is an actor, recently known for his relationship with Katie.

The 35-year-old actress, Katie, has been dating Satchel, who is 25 years old as of October 2022. She recently got divorced from her husband, Tom Schwartz. However, that was not putting much pressure on her, and she was seen having her best days with her boyfriend, Satchel Clendenin.

Satchel Clendenin is an actor who appears to be starting his career in the industry. He has not seen much on the screen but has three credits in his name, including a short film “The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge (2020), Buried (2022), and Remy & Arletta (2022).

Moreover, Satchel also holds his position as an artist and manages an art account called “Hickory Ridge Art” on Instagram.


Quick Facts On Katie Maloney’s boyfriend Satchel Clendenin

Name Satchel Thomas Clendenin
Age 25 years old
Date of Birth 1997
Girlfriend Katie Maloney
Net Worth ~ $500 thousand
Parents Bill Clendenin (father), Lorrie McDaniel Clendenin (mother)
Instagram @clendeninsatchel



Who Is Satchel Clendenin, Katie Maloney’s Boyfriend?

Satchel Clendenin, aged 25, is an aspiring actor and Katie Maloney’s boyfriend.

While he is currently most famous as the boyfriend of Katie Maloney, he is pursuing his career to become one of the most famous artists across the world. He has worked in several films since 2020, as his IMDb profile refers.

Likewise, he is also an artist who handles an Instagram account named Hickory Ridge Art. He can be seen uploading several beautiful and unique pictures to showcase his talent as a photographer and artist.

Satchel is an active social media user. However, the 23 years old actor has not said anything about his relationship with Katie Maloney on any social media platforms. Katie revealed that she is dating a guy, who is 25 years old, Page Six quoted. Satchel was the man Katie talked about while the couple had been enjoying each other company to the fullest.


Satchel Clendenin, with his sister Sophie Clendenin (R), details his Instagram post.
Satchel Clendenin, with his sister Sophie Clendenin (R), details his Instagram post. ( Source : instagram )


8 Things You Must Know About Satchel Clendenin

  1. Satchel Clendenin is an aspiring actor and artist who appeared in the short film “Buried” in 2022. His notable work as an actor includes Remy & Arletta (2022) and The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge (2020).
  2. Katie Maloney is dating Satchel after connecting on Instagram. They have been sharing their togetherness for a couple of days. Katie said that Instagram is also like a dating app, and it’s fun getting several messages online.
  3. Satchel is 25 years old actor while his girlfriend is 35 years old. They share ten year of age gap but are content in their relationship due to their understanding. Katie was previously married to Tom Schwartz but got separated recently.
  4. Satchel, is a frequent Instagram user. He provides updates on his profile with his pictures. In addition, he is often seen with his family members on his posts.
  5. He manages an art account on Instagram, where he posts artistically beautiful pictures. While his girlfriend, Katie Malony, is more famous, with over 1.2 million Instagram followers.
  6. Satchel was born in 1997. He has a sister and a brother, with whom he uploads pictures on Instagram. Likewise, he currently lives with his family and is the favorite of his father and mother.
  7. Katie is dating Satchel after her split with Tom Schwartz. Both of them decided to end their marriage and love their single life. However, Katie revealed that she had been dating Satchel for some time.
  8. Satchel is an aspiring actor with a net of around five hundred thousand dollars. He earns most of his living through acting.


Katie Maloney with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz (L) during the premiere of a 2021 film
Katie Maloney with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz (L) during the premiere of a 2021 film “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” ( Source : pagesix )



Some Facts

Who is Satchel Clendenin?

Satchel Clendenin is an actor, and most recently, he is known for being the boyfriend of “Vanderpump Rules” star Katie Maloney.

How old is Satchel Clendenin?

Satchel Clendenin is 25 years old, as he was born in 1997.

How did Satchel Clendenin relate to Katie Maloney?

Katie Maloney recently revealed that she is dating a guy 25 years old, who she refers to as Satchel Clendenin.

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