Who Is Singer Hozier’s Ex Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan? Her Age and Details To Know

All To Know About Singer Hozier's Ex Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan - Her Age & Others

Picture of popular singer Hozier and actress Saoirse Ronan extracted from Evoke after they splitted up. ( Source : evoke )

Irish singer Hozier’s ex-girlfriend is the well renowned actress Saoirse Ronan.

Hozier is a famous Irish singer, musician, and songwriter. The singer is popularly known as Hozier. However, his real name is Andrew John Hozier-Byrne. The singer was born on March 17, 1990, and is currently 32. He has been a part of the music industry since 2008.

Hozier has contributed to the music industry for more than a decade and has made some gems to be heard by his audience. He is primarily into folk, soul, and blues. Hozier earned massive media and global recognition through his song Take Me to Church which was certified multi-platinum in several countries.

This song was also a great hit on TikTok, which made people crazy over the notes and voice pitch. Hozier also peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 with this song and earned a spot in the music industry. However, he has also created a buzz with many other songs.

Along with his music career, his love life was also a great source of media attention as people were curious to know more about his love life with his ex-girlfriend, Saoirse Ronan.


Quick Facts about Hozier

Full Name Andrew John Hozier-Bryrne
Stage Name Hozier
Birthdate 17 March, 1990
Birthplace Bray, Ireland
Profession Singer
Instagram @hozier
Net Worth $6 million



Who Is Hozier’s Ex Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan?

Popular American-Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is the ex-girlfriend of the Irish singer Hozier.

Saoirse is a renowned American actress of Irish descent. She has established herself as an emerging star of the upcoming generation and is mainly seen in period dramas. The actress made her first small-screen debut in 2003 on the Irish medical drama series, The Clinic, and later made her big-screen debut in 2007 with the film I Could Never Be Your Woman.

Saoirse made her breakthrough with her role in Joe Wright’s Atonement in 2007. Born on 12 April 1994, she was named Saoirse Una Ronan but later went with her name Saoirse Ronan as her stage name. Saoirse was born in New York City, USA, but from an Irish background.


Hozier performing in one of his concerts.
Hozier performing in one of his concerts. ( Source : cheatsheet )


Saoirse is born to her parents, Monica and Paul Ronan, who is also an actor by his profession. Both of her parents belong to Dublin; however, they later came to the USA for their careers. Her parents were undocumented immigrants from Ireland, but as they struggled financially in New York, they shifted back to Dublin when Saoirse was three years old.

She grew up with her family and was good at academics and sports. While growing up, she grew keen on acting and now has flourished well as an actress. In 2020, the New York Times also ranked her tenth on its list of the greatest actors of the 21st century.

Hozier’s Ex Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan- Age Difference

Hozier is currently 32 years old, whereas his ex-girlfriend Saoirse Ronan is 28 years old, making them have an age difference of 4 years.


saoirse Ronan spooted with her now boyfriend Jack Lowden
saoirse Ronan spooted with her now boyfriend Jack Lowden ( Source : dailymail )


Singer Hozier and Saoirse made headlines and made news about their dating in 2017, but shortly later, they broke up. Hozier was born on 17 March 1990, whereas Saoirse was born on 12 April 1994. They made a cute couple with just a small age gap.

Hozier’s and Ex Girlfriend Saoirse Ronan’s Partners In 2022

After splitting up from each other currently, Hozier and Saoirse have started their new life with their new partners.

Hozier and Saoirse were dating in 2017. However, after they broke up, Saoirse found her love interest in a Scottish actor, Jack Lowden, who was her co-star in Mary Queen of Scots since 2018. She divides her time between Dublin, London, and Northern England for her love life.

However, Hozier is not reported dating anyone after his breakup with actress Saoirse after some time of dating in 2017.


Some Facts

Who is Andrew John Hozier-Bryrne?

Andrew John Hozier-Bryrne popularly known as Hozier is a renown musician, singer, and songwriter.

Who is Hozier’s ex-girlfriend?

Popular actress Saoirse Ronan is known to be Hozier’s ex-girlfriend.

When was Hozier born?

Hozier was born on 17 March, 1990 in Ireland.

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