Who Is Slimeroni Rapper: Age and Real Name Revealed

Slimeroni Rapper Age and Real Name Revealed

Rapper Slimeroni pictured while attending an event with a red dress.. ( Source : instagram )

Rapper Slimeroni’s age appears to be between 20 to 25 years old, judging by her appearance.

Slimeroni is an American rapper and musician from Memphis, Tennessee. She made her debut with her song Hell Raiser in December 2017 and has released several original songs on her Youtube channel so far. She has also done several collaborations with many well-known artists from around the country.

The rapper recently collaborated with other artists Aleza, Gloss Up, and K Carbon on their latest tract Shabooya, the track is produced by producer Hitkidd. The song has already surpassed the 2 million views mark on YouTube since its release on September 30, 2022. Her new collaborative track gives a nostalgic vibe as it is based on the school bus chant.

Slimeroni has already made a name for herself in the Memphis rap scene, despite the hip-hop scene being mainly male-dominated, with her hard work. She has been active for over a half-decade now.


Quick Facts About Slimeroni

Age 25 to 30 Years Old
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $500,000
Instagram @slimeroni901
Twitter @slimeroni901
YouTube Slimeroni



What Is Slimeroni Age?

Rapper Slimeroni’s age seems to be between 25 to 30 years old, she was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

Unfortunately, the rapper has not revealed her actual age or her date of birth to her fans and followers. She does not speak about her age and birthday during interviews or while speaking to her fans.

Furthermore, Slimeroni does not share images and videos from her birthday celebration on her Instagram account. She is also not wished by her friends and family publicly on social media platforms. The rapper has kept the information about her age highly guarded.

However, Slimeroni is seen attending her friends’ birthdays with enthusiasm. She was spotted celebrating fellow rapper Glitter Gloss’s 25th birthday on July 16, 2022, with lots of friends. The gang was seen dancing and singing together at a club in a video shared on Instagram.

The rapper has been interested in music since her childhood, but just like her actual age, she has kept much about her early life away from the eyes of the public. Slimeroni tries to filter everything that goes out on the internet and does not reveal anything about her personal life to her fans.

Similarly, information about her family members have also not come to the surface. She has never revealed anything about her father or her mother on the web but she does call her gang which includes Aleza, Gloss Up, Glorilla, Slimeroni, and K Carbon, her sisters.


Rapper Slimeroni pictured during a professional photoshoot for her upcoming project.
Rapper Slimeroni pictured during a professional photoshoot for her upcoming project. ( Source : instagram )


What Is Slimeroni Real Name?

Rapper Slimeroni goes by the name Kween Slime on her Instagram but has not revealed her real name on the web.

However, she is well-known for her moniker among her fans from Memphis and around the world and her fans might not know her real name. She does not speak much about her real name on the internet.

While she has been rapping under her moniker from the beginning, she got her name Slimeroni from her fans as she revealed in her Interview. Her name is actually two parts combined together. In the first part Slime came because her friends said she was slim and Roni comes in like pepperoni, she combined both names to make her stage name.

She did not, however, revealed when exactly she started using her moniker but all of her songs on YouTube have been released under her moniker Slimeroni.


Rapper Slimeroni holding up a bundle of cash for her music video.
Rapper Slimeroni holding up a bundle of cash for her music video. ( Source : instagram )


What Is Rapper Slimeroni Net Worth?

Rapper Slimeroni has already made a pretty penny out of her music career.

She has been releasing hit after hit for the past few years and fans have already started noticing the rapper in the Memphis Hip-Hop scene. She has already released several single songs on her YouTube channel as well.

Similarly, the rapper is seen wearing expensive clothing and posing with heaps of cash in her music videos. She is also seen shooting with expensive cars around for her music videos.

However, she has never revealed her actual net worth or her career earnings on the internet. She also does not seem to speak much about her earnings during interviews and avoids the questions when asked by fans.

Judging by her expensive lifestyle and her social media posts, she might have amassed over $500,000 as of 2022. The amount, however, is just an estimate based on her career, social media posts, and lifestyle.

She has already started making a name for herself in the hip-hop scene and has fans listening to her music from all around the world. She also performs live regularly around the United States of America but is yet to make her international performance debut.


Facts To Know

What Is Slimeroni Age?

Slimeroni’s actual age is 25 to 30 years old, she was born in Memphis, Tennessee to her parents.

What Is Slimeroni Net Worth?

Slimeroni’s estimated net worth is $500,000 as of 2022, which she has amassed with her successful career as a rapper.

What Is Slimeroni Real Name?

Slimeroni’s goes by Kween Slime on her social media accounts but her real name is not known on the internet yet.

Where Is Rapper Slimeroni From?

Rapper Slimeroni is from Memphis, Tennessee and she is currently based in her hometown.

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