Why Did Bo Rinehart Leave Needtobreathe? Rock Band Members and Their Relationship

Bo Rinehart playing in one of his acoustic night concerts. ( Source : instagram )

The founding member of the Needtobreathe, Bo Rinehart, surprised his fans by leaving the Rock band. Here’s why!

Bo founded the band with his brother Bear Rinehart following their passion for music and singing. Boo is the stage name of famous singer and musician Nathaniel Bryant. Bo has made his journey remarkable throughout the time he was a part of Needtobreathe with his magnificent skills in playing guitar and banjo.

Bo was the main guitarist, banjo, and mandolin player of Grouproup and had released several chart-topping songs over the years. The group has also bagged many titles, Grouproup of the year, Song the year, and many more with their different hit albums.

Bo was born on December 31, 1981, and started singing in childhood. The singer hails from Conway, South Carolina, USA, and was raised there with his brother Bear Rinehart. Forming the band was a great start to flourish his career as a musician and led him to gain massive media coverage.

However, in 2020 he left his band Needtobreathe and bid farewell to all his band members. Although he left the band, his fans supported his decision and encouraged him to carry on his career and scale in it.


Quick Facts about Bo Rinehart

Full Name Nathaniel Bryant “Bo”
Stage Name Bo Rinehart
Date of Birth December 31, 1981
Age 41 years
Birthplace Conway, United States of America
Profession singer, guitarist
Net Worth $1.5 million
Instagram borinehart3



Why Did Bo Rinehart Leave Needtobreathe?

Bo Rinehart announced he is leaving the Needtobreathe because he wanted to pursue a solo career.

The current members of Needtobreathe band in 2022 are:

  • Seth Bolt
  • Josh Lovelace
  • Bear Rinehart
  • Joe Stillwell

Bo left his founded band Needtobreathe in 2021 and declared to continue his musical journey as an individual singer. In his recent interview, he claimed he didn’t leave his band to be away from music or take a break from his musical journey. However, it was later revealed that he did leave the band to pursue his career as a solo artist.


Needtobreathe performing during an event in 2021
Needtobreathe performing during an event in 2021 ( Source : en )


He claimed he wants to flourish in the industry as an individual now and wants to be known as a solo artist. Bo said music was and always will be the medicine in his life and has helped him recover through everything.

The singer also talked about his upcoming solo, Coy Roy, promoted on his social media platforms. He added, “It’s been two years since I walked away. I can’t wait to share my journey with you and what I’ve learned from my lessons in the dark,” Bo posted on Instagram along with a reel featuring a snippet of his upcoming song, “I’m Right Here.”

“I didn’t have a plan. Nothing was in the works. I didn’t leave to pursue making art. I’ve always made art. I didn’t need to leave the band or my livelihood, my identity, or bandmates for that matter, to continue doing what I’ve always done.”

Bo Rinehart Parents

Bo Rinehart has not yet revealed any information about his parents.

Bo loves spreading joy to others with his soulful singing and melodious guitar skills. He is all over the media these days after being a solo artist. However, he has never opened up about many details about his parents. He likes to respect his parent’s privacy, so he refrains from allowing media attention over them.

Previously we had also talked about the life of Morgantown Native singer Charles Wesley Godwin.

Bo Rinehart’s Siblings: Is Bear Rinehart His Twin Brother?

Bo Rinehart has a famous celebrity sibling, Bear Rinehart, who is also the founding member of Needtobreathe.

Bear Rinehart is two years older than Bo Rinehart. Bo and Bear grew up together in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina, and started performing in Seneca as they moved there to live. Both the brothers grew up with each other at the church where their father was a pastor. After graduating college Bo along with his brother Bear, Seth and Joe came together and started releasing independent albums that they recorded in Seth’s recording studio.


Bo Rinehart (left) and his brother Bear Rinehart (right) visits SirusXM Studios
Bo Rinehart (left) and his brother Bear Rinehart (right) visits SirusXM Studios ( Source : gettyimages )


Bo is close to his brother Bear and shares a lot of experiences about his childhood and adulthood with him. He is always with him through his thick and thin and also supports each of his decision.

Bo Rinehart’s Wife Lindsay

Bo Rinehart’s wife Lindsay Face Rinehart is a mother of two kids. She is his sweetheart for the past 15 years.

Bo and Lindsey have been a part of each other’s life for the past 15 years and now have a wonderful family. They have two sons. Bo also posts about his wife and children on his Instagram profile and shows the world how much he values them.


Some FAQs

When did Bo Rinehart left Needtobreathe?

Bo Rinehart left the band Needtobreathe in the year 2020.

When was Bo Rinehart born?

Bo Rinehart was born in December 31, 1981 and is 41 years old.

Does Bo Rinehart has sibling?

Bo Rinehart has a sibling Bear Rinehart who is also a singer and founding member of Needtobreathe.

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