Why Did ZP Theart Leave Skid Row 2022? Erik Grönwall Replaces The Singer

Why did ZP Theart leave the band Skid Row? Previously, he made headlines by leaving Dragonforce band and now Skid Row. Here’s what we know.

ZP Theart, whose full name is ZP De Villiers Theart, is a singer and songwriter from South Africa. He has been the lead singer of several bands, including DragonForce and Skid Row. The singer had already started fronting and singing for several local bands in South Africa before graduating his high school.

After graduation, he moved to London, United Kingdom, seeking international opportunities. He was influenced by rock & roll and metal bands, including Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Skid Row.

While he played for several bands in his teenage, he started his singing career professionally in 1999, over two decades ago. He has been part of several bands ever since and has released a dozen albums with his bands. Ultimately, he got a chance to sing for his favorite childhood band, Skid Row, in 2016.

However, he had a hiccup with his band in early 2022 and departed from the band, here is why ZP Theart left his band.


Quick Facts About ZP Theart

Age 47 Years Old
Date of Birth May 27, 1975
Birthplace Clanwilliam, South Africa
Net Worth $5 Million
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Bands DragonForce, Tank, Skid Row, I Am I
Instagram @zptheart



Why Did ZP Theart Leave Skid Row?

ZP Theart left Skid Row after he had some opinion issues with other band members in the band.

According to Eddie Trunk, Skid Row’s guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo and bassist Rachel Bolan revealed things got to a certain point that they had to make a decision. They added, things were not working out with the band and the singer and their songs had already started to suffer with the tension.

While neither ZP nor the band has ever officially revealed the reason for his departure from the band, some band members have started speaking about the circumstances to the public.

ZP started singing for Skid Row in February 2016 and initially started as a touring vocalist, he toured with the band until 2017 when he was officially announced as the lead vocalist for the band on January 14, 2017. He did not record any albums with the band during his time as a lead vocalist.

However, on March 23, 2022, the band announced they had parted ways with ZP but they never clarified the reason for the departure then. ZP looked at Skid Row as his inspiration to pursue rock music in his childhood and it was one of his favorite bands according to his Wikipedia profile.

The band revealed they had replaced ZP with a new vocalist named Erik Grönwall. More about the new vocalist of the band later in this article.


ZP Theart (middle) pictured with his Skid Row band members (left to right) Rob Hammersmith, Snake Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Scotti Hill
ZP Theart (middle) pictured with his Skid Row band members (left to right) Rob Hammersmith, Snake Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Scotti Hill ( Source : gettyimages )


Erik Grönwall Replaces The Singer A Skid Row: Who Is He?

Erik Grönwall replaces ZP Theart as a lead vocalist in the American rock band Skid Row.

Gronwall is a Swedish singer who rose to prominence after his victory in the Swedish singing reality show Idol in 2009. He has established himself as a hard rock and metal singer. Erik initially pursued a solo career and his debut single Higher was certified Gold in just 3 days of release.

The hard rock and metal singer has released two solo full-length studio albums, his self-titled debut album was released in 2009, and his sophomore album Somewhere Between a Rock and a Hard Place came a year later in 2010. His debut album sold over 40,000 copies and attained the number one position on the Swedish charts, his second album also attained the second position on the Swedish charts.

He has now replaced ZP Theart as the lead vocalist for the American band Skid Row since March 2022, he will be performing alongside bandmates Dave Sabo, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, and Rob Hammersmith.

Dave Sabo is the guitarist of the band since its inception. Rachel Bolan is the basis and principal songwriter for the band. The two are the active founding members of the band. Guitarist Scotti Hill has been active with the band since 1987 but he took a three-year break from the band from 1996 until 1999. He has continued to play guitar for the band since 1999. Drummer Rob Hammersmith has been with the band since 2010, he is also the backing vocalist for the band.


Singer Erik Grönwall of Skid Row performing as the band opens for the Scorpions' nine-date residency,
Singer Erik Grönwall of Skid Row performing as the band opens for the Scorpions’ nine-date residency, “Sin City Nights” at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on March 26, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ( Source : gettyimages )


ZP Theart Net Worth

ZP Theart has an estimated net worth of $5 million according to Popular Bio.

The singer has been active in the music industry since 1999 and has played for several bands in his career. The singer has never pursued a solo career and has not released any singles or albums alone.

However, he has had a very successful career as a singer as the albums he has released as a lead vocalist with several bands have been successful. They have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

His professional career started as a lead vocalist for the British band DragonForce which was formed in 1999. The band released six full-length studio albums with ZP as the lead vocalist. Their albums attained top positions in the charts around the United Kingdom.

Similarly, ZP was also the lead vocalist for another British heavy metal band Tank. Although ZP only made one album with the band, he toured extensively with the band around the world during his time with the band.

Furthermore, Theart has also performed as a lead vocalist for several other bands and musical groups. He has also done side projects including giving his voice to the gaming company Riot Games.

Although the singer is a multi-millionaire, he does not flaunt his wealth on social media by sharing images of luxurious vacations and tours.


Some Facts

Why Did ZP Theart Leave Skid Row?

ZP Theart left Skid Row after things got out of hand between the singer and other band members and they had to make a decision.

Who Replaced ZP Theart On Skid Row?

ZP Theart was replaced by Erik Grönwall as the lead vocalist on the American rock band Skid Row.

Why Did ZP Theart Leave DragonForce?

ZP Theart left DragonForce due to the insurmountable differences of musical opinion between him and other band members.

Where Is ZP Theart In 2022?

ZP Theart has left Skid Row as their lead vocalist in 2022 but has not revealed anything about his upcoming projects.

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