Winslow Fegley’s Brother August Fegley and Oakes Fegley- Their Parents and Family

Some Facts About The Parents And Family Of Winslow Fegley's Brother August Fegley And Oakes Fegley

An American child actor, Winslow taking mirror selfie on the earth day ( Source : celebrityageinfo )

Winslow Fegley’s brother Oakes Fegley is an actor, and his sister August Fegley is also an actress.

All his siblings and parents are from the acting background and have acting in their blood. Fegley’s family has a long history in the entertainment business.

Winslow has recently gained attention for his role in the new film ‘Lyle, Lyle Crocodile,’ which premiered on October 7. In a new project, the Netflix star of Nightbooks plays the role of Josh Primm.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile 2022 is a live-action/computer-animated musical comedy film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon based on William Davies’ screenplay.

Winslow Fegley is a well-known American child actor best known for his performance in the Disney Limited Series Fast Layne. He also appeared in Come Play, Nightbooks, and Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.

Before knowing about Winslow’s siblings and parents in detail, learn about him through quick facts.


Quick Facts About Winslow Fegley

Full name Winslow Burke Fegley
Date Of Birth January 23, 2009
Age 13 years old
Father Michael Fegley
Mother Mercedes Fegley
Brother Oakes Fegley
Sister August Fegley
Profession Actor
Net Worth $1 million to $5 million
Instagram @winslowfegley



Meet Winslow Fegley’s Brother, Oakes Fegley

Winslow Fegley’s brother, Oakes Fegley, is an American actor born in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Oakes Fegley was born on November 11, 2004, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Michael Fegley and Mercedes Fegley. Oakes has turned eighteen years of age in 2022. He is the elder brother of Winslow Fegley.

Oakes Fegley is well-known for playing Pete in the fantasy comedy-drama movie “Pete’s Dragon” from Walt Disney Pictures. He has been nominated for a 38th Young Artist Award for best performance by a leading Young Actor in a Feature Film for this movie.

Additionally, he received a 39th Young Artist Awards nomination for Best Performance in a Feature Film—Leading Young Actor for his role as Ben in the 2017 mystery-drama movie “Wonderstruck.”

Oakes is active on his registered Instagram profile with the username @ofegley. He has accumulated more than 117k followers and has uploaded only seven posts.


Winslow Fegley with his brother Oakes Fegley

Winslow Fegley with his brother Oakes Fegley ( Source : mcall ) 

Who Is Winslow Fegley’s sister, August Fegley?

Winslow Fegley’s sister, August Fegley, is NYC based actress, singer, and creator.

August Fegley was born in Ney York, the United States, to her parents Michael Fegley and Merce Tonne. She grew up along with her brother Oakes and Winslow.

August graduated from Syracuse University with BFA in acting. She was also featured in the Drama Showcase for the Class of 2022. Artists like Greta Gerwig, Salvador Dali, Remi Wolf, and Augusto Boal inspired her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She is best known for her role as Giggly Girl in the film The Ground That Sinks (2017), Hannah Henrietta (2012), Samuel’s Game (2014), and April in ‘Wild Birds.’

August is quite active on Instagram with the username @augustfegley. She already has 3638 followers, and her following will grow in the coming days as she is a potential performer.


Siblings August, Oakes, and Winslow spotted together at the premiere of Wonderstruck

Siblings August, Oakes, and Winslow spotted together at the premiere of Wonderstruck ( Source : mcall )

Meet Fegleys’ Parents: Michael and Mercedes Fegley

Winslow Fegley’s parents; Michael and Mercedes Fegley are actors.

Michael Fegley is a well-known actor who has appeared in films such as The Final Mission (2018), Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration, and Margarita Happy Hour (2001).

Michael married Merce Fegley, an actress. Merce was featured in the film Samuel’s Game 2014. Both of them tied the knot more than a decade ago.

Merce and Michael are the delighted parents of three children, Oakes, Winslow, and August, all of whom have followed in their parent’s footsteps and contributed to the film industry.

Fegley’s children are continuing the family tradition. Almost every member of the family is an actor or actress, and they all proudly represent the entertainment industry.

They both do not want their personal lives to be in the spotlight, so they avoid the media and press. On the internet, there is relatively little information on them.


Fegley family having dinner together
Fegley family having dinner together ( Source : lvpnews )



True Facts About Oakes Fegley

Are Oakes Fegley and Winslow Fegley related?

Oakes Fegley is the elder brother of Winslow Fegley. They are related as they are the biological brothers.

How old is Oakes Fegley?

Oakes Fegley will turn 18 years old in 2022 as he wan born on November 11, 2004.

How old is Winslow Fegley?

Winslow Fegley was born in January 23, 2009 and has turned nine years of age in 2022.

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