Z-Ro Net Worth 2022: The Real Facts To Know About The Rapper

Z-Ro Net Worth 2022, Everything To Know About The Rapper

Z-Ro posing for photograph in bright light t-shirt ( Source : fresherslive )

One of the most underrated rappers Z-Ro from Houston, Texas, has a multi-million net worth.

Z-Ro recently made headlines when he was taken into custody after police discovered a weapon in his car.

On October 14, Harris County Constable Mark Herman revealed on his official Facebook account that the rapper was pulled over in the 7500 block of N Sam Houston Pkwy W.

Z-Ro, a convicted felon, instantly identified himself and informed the responding officers that he had a firearm. The type of weapon recovered was not specified in the post. However, authorities discovered 4.7 ounces of cannabis after further investigation.

Although it’s unclear what kind of felony conviction Z-Ro now has on his record, the Houston native was previously taken into custody in July 2017 after his ex-girlfriend, rapper Just Brittany, accused him of assaulting her there.

Before knowing about Z-Ro in detail, learn about him through his quick facts.


Quick Facts About Z Ro

Full Name Joseph Wayne McVey IV
Known As Z-Ro/ The Mo City Don
Date Of Birth 19 January, 1977
Birth Location Houston, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Height 6 feet and 2 inches
Weight 92 kg
Profession Rapper, songwriter, record producer
Net Worth $3 million
Instagram @z_ro



Z-Ro Has A Sizeable Net Worth

Z-Ro has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million, as reported CelebWikiGossip.

Z-Ro has earned all this sum of money from his successful career of the profession as a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He had made his name known all over the world in addition to his income and wealth.

He has released many popular songs like “Let The Truth Be Told,” “I am Still Livin’,” and albums like “Heroin,” “Meth,” and “Angel Dust” that have earned him a sizeable fortune.

Rapper Z-Ro has a lot of potentials and is a promising musician with a large fan base in addition to his wealth. His net worth will rise in the coming years as his songs continue to be well-liked by the public.


Z-Ro image posted by Haze on April 30, 2016
Z-Ro image posted by Haze on April 30, 2016 ( Source : dirty-glove )


Z-Ro’s Real Name Is Joseph Wayne McVey IV

Z-Ro’s name is Joseph Wayne McVey IV, which he received from his parents.

Joseph Wayne McVey IV prefers to call by the stage name Z-Ro. He is also known as The Mo City Don. He is known by both the stage names Z-Ro and The Mo City Don.

Only a few people know his real name because he does not disclose his real name everywhere. Both of his stage names have been mentioned on Wikipedia.

He Is 45 Years Old

Z-Ro has turned 45 years of age, having been born on January 19, 1977.

The American rapper, Z-Ro, grew up in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Z-Ro is of American nationality. He had a miserable childhood as her mother left him when he was a child.

Z-Ro discovered his talent for freestyle rapping and after visiting several recording studios to create a demo, the CEO of a local label discovered and signed him.

He knew his fate the moment he discovered his talent. Despite having a miserable childhood, he was concerned about his career and traveled from place to place to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician.


Houston based rapper performing on his own birthday celebration concert
Houston based rapper performing on his own birthday celebration concert ( Source : houstonpress )


He was born in Houston’s South Park Neighborhood

The American rapper Z-Ro was born in the South Park neighborhood of Houston. He was raised in his hometown by his parents.

His mother passed away when he was just six years old, causing him to move around a lot throughout his childhood in search of stability. He eventually made his home in the Ridgemont neighborhood, a middle-class Missouri City suburb in Southwest Houston.

Z-Ro hasn’t yet made his father and siblings publically known. He appears to be a reserved individual who dislikes having his parents in the spotlight. He does not even share about them on his IG profile.


The American rapper Z-Ro performing in the live event
The American rapper Z-Ro performing in the live event ( Source : hiphopdx )


Z-Ro Started His Career Around 2004

Z-Ro started his career when he was 27 years old in 2004.

Z-Ro began his career with the late DJ Screw’s Houston rap group, the Screwed Up Click. Except for 1999 and 2013, he released an album every year (except for his solo debut in 1998 with Look What You Did to Me) for the next nearly 20 years.

He issued The Life of Joseph W. McVey, his eighth overall LP, in 2004 after joining Rap-a-Lot Records. He released Let the Truth Be Told the following year, which included Juvenile, Ashanti, and frequent visitor Paul Wall. On the Billboard 200, the album peaked at position 69.

Since then, he has released several songs and music videos. On his official YouTube channel, Z-Ro, he recently released a music video titled Roll 1 Deep, Gone Eat, and many others.


Z-Ro rapping for his official music video song
Z-Ro rapping for his official music video song “We Are” ( Source : youtube )


He Was In A Relationship With Rapper Just Brittany

Z-Ro dated rapper Just Brittany for a while, but she accused him of assaulting her nearly two hours later after an argument went wrong, reported TMZ.

The alleged incident happened in April 2017, but Brittany reported it later that month by displaying a compelling audio recording that purportedly captured the alleged assault.

According to the police report, the couple had planned to meet on April 29, 2017, but the restaurant was closed. Instead of going out to dinner, the two decided to meet up at  Z-Ro’s where they got into a fight.

Z-Ro was accused of slapping, punching, and dragging Brittany around the house while holding a gun, with video evidence of the alleged altercation provided by Brittany.

The assault charges were eventually reduced to misdemeanors and then dropped after two years.


Z-Ro with his rapper girlfriend named Just Brittany
Z-Ro with his rapper girlfriend named Just Brittany ( Source : 107jamz )


He Is The Father Of Two Children

Z-Ro is the father of two daughters. Although the rapper has not married, he frequently posts about two children, referring to them as their daughters.

Z-Ro’s younger daughter’s name is Taiyah, and her older daughter’s Instagram handle is trillgadiators. However, the rapper has not revealed the identity of their mother.

He hasn’t said much about her daughters, but he has referred to them as daughters several times on Instagram. Her daughter took him out to dinner on Father’s Day, which he stated on Instagram.



Z-Ro Is Quite Active On Social Media

Z-Ro maintains a sizable fan base on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He keeps his fans up to date by releasing new songs regularly.


Z-Ro is available on Instagram with the username @z_ro and has accumulated almost 600k followers. He has posted 1196 posts to date. His posts on Instagram are more about his career-related kinds of stuff.


Z-Ro joined YouTube on April 29, 2011, and currently has 411k subscribers. He has only posted 27 videos, but his channel has received over 300 million views. He recently released a music video titled Roll 1 Deep.


He is also quite active on Twitter with the handle @ZROMOCITYDON. He has a registered account and 197k followers. He frequently tweets about his new albums on his Twitter account.


Z-Ro wearing 1 Deep Entertainment T-shirt and cap for his performance at the event
Z-Ro wearing 1 Deep Entertainment T-shirt and cap for his performance at the event ( Source : the-sun )


Some Facts

Is Z-Ro married?

Z-Ro has not married yet, however he is the father of two beautiful daughters.

How old is Z-Ro?

Z-Ro is 45 years old, having been born on January 19, 1977.

What Is Z-Ro real name?

Z-Ro’s real name is Joseph Wayne McVey IV but he prefers to call by his stage name Z-Ro and The Mo City Don.

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