All About RHONY: Sai De Silva Husband David Craig, Family Situation And Net Worth

RHONY: Sai De Silva Husband David Craig and Their Net Worth

Sai De Silva and her husband David Craug is the new cast for season 14 of Real Housewives of New York.

Lizzy Savetsky, Jessel Taank, Erin Lichy, Brynn Whitfield, Ubah Hassan, and Jenna Lyons are the other new casts this season.

Sai De Silva is an Afro-Latina. She was born and raised in New York. As of now, the RHONY cast is the creative director of Scout the City, an online lifestyle destination. It chronicles Sai’s adventures of chic parenting from her home in Brooklyn. She shares two children with her husband, David.

Sai introduces herself as a content creator and a digital influencer. She is a digital marketing professional who specializes in the development of content. She launched Scout the city in 2014, and it is a worldwide known blog. The blog gained popularity from Today show, refinery 29, Forbes, and New York Times.

She was also the co-founder of Social Media Mall, which was created in 2012. Moreover, she worked as a Social Media Manager for a company named One Grey Day from 2012 to 2014. In addition, Sai was involved in Required Flare as a Digital Marketer and Founder.

Her social media handles, including her blog, usually feature her daughter and child model, London Scout. Sai is a strong lady and has a fierce sense of competition within her.


Details about Sai De Silva

Full name Sai De Silva
Age 41 years
Date of birth November 22, 1980
Place of birth United States
Profession Fashion Blogger
Spouse David Craig
Children 2
Net worth $1.5 million
Instagram @scoutthecity



Sai De Silva Husband David Craig

Sai De Silva has been married to her husband David Craig and they share two beautiful children together named London and Rio.

However, much information about David has not yet been revealed. Posting a picture with her mystery man whose face was not shown to the camera, Sai on June 16 wrote,” 13 years later and I have survived your snoring. Happy Anniversary to my mystery man.”


Sai De Silva's husband David Craig is a mystery man. They have been married for over 13 years.
Sai De Silva’s husband David Craig is a mystery man. They have been married for over 13 years. ( Source : instagram )


Silva has some pictures of her with her husband on her Instagram profile. However, she has cropped half of his face, hiding the identity of the man in her life.

She has been public with both of her children. However, as of now, she is not comfortable showing her husband to the fans and followers. During one of her interviews, she shared that her husband helps her with her kids.

At the same time, she also mentioned that its David who takes their daughter London to school while she drops her son Rio at the daycare. She loves spending time with her husband after work. They usually catch up on ongoing shows when they are together.

Sai De Silva Net worth

Sai De Silva has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million according to allfamousbirthday.com. She has accumulated most of her income from her career as a blogger and fashion influencer.

Sai is one of the richest Bloggers of all time. She was raised in New York City and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is available on Instagram under the username @scoutthecity. She has got 381K followers and 5,022 posts.


Sai De Silva, the fashion blogger in Paris Fashion Week
Sai De Silva, the fashion blogger in Paris Fashion Week ( Source : footwearnews )


The blogger is very active on her social media platforms. Her Instagram feed looks very professional and she keeps on sharing pictured from her photoshoots and collaborations with different fashion brands.

The mother of two documents her family moments on her blog and her social media profiles. She also has a YouTube channel. Her interests include trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Sai loves the creative freedom in her profession. When asked about her work-life balance being a mom, she replied that she takes things one step at a time and does the best she can. At the same time, she shared that she has flexibility with her schedule.

The working mom heads her office once the kids are at school and leaves the office at five. She also believes that spending time with the kids is very important.

Sai believes that she has always been a right-brained type of girl and she builds content out of thin air. She wants Scout the city to be a place where women come to find not only fashion and beauty inspiration but also a dose of good humor and a realistic picture of motherhood.

Sai De Silva Children and Family

Sai De Silva has two children. Her ten-year-old daughter London is a fashionista while her five-year-old son Rio accompanies some of the mother-daughter shoots.

Sai had begun Scout The City as a fun blog to document her daughter London Scout’s street style. However, today it has evolved into one of the most prominent fashion destinations for most trend lovers.

When asked about the blog’s evolution after London gets older, the blogger replied that she never wants London to feel like she has to be a part of the blog at any cost. She shared that if it’s not her daughter’s favorite thing to be on the blog, she can have a smaller presence on the STC platforms.


Scout the city blogger Sai De Silva and her kids in Holiday Wardrobe
Scout the city blogger Sai De Silva and her kids in Holiday Wardrobe ( Source : insider )


London is in school now and the blog has already evolved shifting its focus from LS’ style documentary to a more mother and millennial-oriented platform. She wants her daughter to decide how involved she wants to be in the future.

London was only three years old when her eclectic sense of style created a great sensation on the internet. It began with her mother posting snaps of her daughter’s outfits to her dedicated Instagram account which had more than 60,000 followers.

As of now, Sai has begun including her son Rio in some of her photoshoots. Moreover, the little one was also seen rating the outfits of some influencers in a funny manner. As of now, he is just is in kindergarten.


Some Facts

Who is Sai De Silva?

Sai De Silva is a popular fashion blogger and the new cast of Real Housewives of New York City.

How old is Sai De Silva?

Sai De Silva was born in the year 1980 and she is is 41 years old as of 2022.

How many children does Sai De Silva has?

Sai De Silva has a daughter named London, who is a fashionista and a son named Rio who attends kindergarten.

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