Andreas Ehn Net Worth and Update, Where Is The Former Spotify CTO Now 2022?

Who Is Andreas Ehn? Where Is The Former Spotify CTO Now In 2022

The serial entrepreneur Andreas Ehn, former Spotify CTO currently working at Approach has a net worth in millions. Here’s how!

Andreas was the ex-CTO of the multi-million company Spotify. Daniel Ek was the first ever employee to be hired after the formation of Spotify, a music streaming app. During the time of Daniel’s journey to make a revolutionary company in the field of music streaming business. The latest released Netflix series, The Playlist, also talks about its marvelous creation of it.

Andreas worked as an Engineering Manager at Stardoll, an online gaming company. However, after being offered the position of CTO in the company of Daniel, he didn’t think twice and accepted it right away. As he was the first employee to be recruited, he and Daniel joined hands together and started their search for the best team of engineers to design Spotify.

Daniel wanted to create such an app that had no buffering while the song was played as he wished his users could listen to pieces the moment they clicked on one. The task of getting the best out of the best programmer was ensured by Andreas, as he could inspire and unleash the full potential of a person. However, he later left his journey as the CTO of Spotify and started doing stuff independently.


Quick Facts about Daniel Ek

Full Name Andreas Ehn
Age 30-35 years
Instagram ehn
Occupation Tech company owner, technical engineer
Children 2
Spouse Lisa Enckell



Andreas Ehn Net Worth

Andreas Ehn is working as a confederate in a company called Approach, through which he has earned a lot of net worth but has not revealed it yet.

His ex-partner Daniel Ek is a billionaire with a net worth of $1.5 Billions. As a former Spotify CTo and a serial entrepreneur, Andreas Ehn is worth over $10 Million.

Andreas was the ex-CTO, which stands for Chief Technology Officer, at this generation’s top music streaming app, Spotify. He was placed in a high position and worked at the company for a long time. Andreas spent 3.5 years working at Spotify with full passion and determination to improve it.


Picture of Andreas extracted from his profile from Startups

Picture of Andreas extracted from his profile from Startups ( Source : startups ) 

He was the central figure of the company, looking after the management, recruitment, and everything related to the company. Andreas was a key figure apart from the founder, Daniel Ek. During his time at Spotify, Andreas had already been able to accumulate a massive amount of net worth, and now being a partner at the company Approach, he continues earning more. However, he hasn’t yet revealed his net worth in the media.

Andreas Ehn Wife

Andreas Ehn is spending his life with his life partner, Lisa Enckell.

Andreas was dating Lisa before he was even the CTO of Spotify. He shares a great bond with his wife, Lisa. Although ups and downs resulted in them getting separated for a while, both of them got back together and are currently spending their lives happily together.

The couple is out of the media coverage but considers each other the most incredible support system of their lives, who has been in every thick and thin of their lives.

Where Is The Former Spotify CTO Now 2022?

The former Spotify CTO, Andreas, is currently a partner of the Singapore-based company Approach.

The Approach is a company Andreas formed with his wife, Lisa Enckell. Both are currently work partners and look after the company hand in hand. His company, Approach, collaborates with many worldwide corporations, including big business houses, and invests in profitable initiatives. Currently, the company runs and is based in Singapore.


Andreas Ehn with Antler Venture Partner Jane Scowcroft in Sydney.
Andreas Ehn with Antler Venture Partner Jane Scowcroft in Sydney. ( Source : medium )


Andreas also lives in Singapore with Lisa and their two sons. He is an associate partner of Antler, a worldwide company capital company and startup generator. Moreover, the tech genius works as a member of the funding committee of Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), industrial advisor of worldwide funding group EQT, board director of GPS monitoring service Automile, and advisor of IT suppliers and consulting agency k6.

After bidding farewell from Spotify, Andreas also co-founded Wrapp, a cell online-to-offline purchaser acquisition service that accumulated funds from renowned companies akin to Atomico and Greylock. Andreas was also declared as the board director of Opbeat and Shootitlive, which is now taken over by Elastic and TT News Agency respectively.


Some Facts

Who is Andreas Ehn?

Andreas Ehn is the ex-CTO of spotify and now the partner at Approach.

Who is Andreas Ehn’s partner?

Andreas Ehn is married to his wife Lisa Enckell.

Who is Daniel Ek?

Daniel Ek is the co-founder and CEO of multi-million company, Spotify

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