Anita Brown Biography: Age, Relation with Davido

Who is Anita Brown aka NinaTheElite baby mama of Davido, bio, age, height, songs list, net worth, Instagram

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Anita brown, is an American pornstar turned serial entrepreneur and transformation coach. She is popularly known as Nina The Elite. She was born on the 9th of September 1994 in Queens, New York, United States.

On June 27, 2023, social media agog as Anita Brown, who had allegedly leaked chats with Davido and his family, asserting that she was pregnant with the child of the renowned Nigerian singer, Davido. Following the leak, she faced severe criticism from the public. In response to the backlash, Anita posted her pregnancy results and further claimed that Davido had sought her assistance to help him overcome the grief of losing his son, Adeleke Ifeanyi.

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Anita Brown Profile

Full Name: Anita Brown

Nick Name: NinaTheElite

Date of Birth: September 9, 1994

Age: 28 years old

State of Origin: New York

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Spouse: Davido (Rumor)

Profession: Entrepreneur, Model, Social Media Influencer, Singer

Net Worth: Unknown

Anita Brown – Early Life and Education

Anita Brown, better known as NinaTheElite, was born on September 9, 1994, in Miami, Florida, United States. She attended Endicott High School and Andrew Jackson High School for her early education. Later, she pursued her studies at Mercy College, focusing on Physician Assistant, and also holds a degree from Alliance University.

Anita Brown – Career

With a significant presence in the entertainment industry, Anita Brown has made her mark as a speaker at various events. She is the founder of Xquisit Emporium and serves as the CEO of Burst Activewear.

Anita Brown is a talented up-and-coming American artist who made her debut with the song “Ride” in 2019. Since then, she has released multiple songs that have resonated deeply with the public.

Although there have been online claims about Anita Brown’s past as a former sex worker, she has openly discussed her transformation, emphasizing that she is now a born-again Christian and should not be judged by her past.

Anita Brown – Personal Life

As of now, Anita Brown is not married, but she has recently claimed to be pregnant with the well-known Nigerian singer, Davido. In June 27, 2023, she gained considerable attention by leaking chats with Davido and his family, asserting her pregnancy. Following backlash from people, she posted her pregnancy results and mentioned that Davido sought her support to cope with the loss of his son, Adeleke Ifeanyi.

Anita Brown – Net Worth

Anita Brown is recognized as an American Model, Entrepreneur, and social media influencer, but her precise net worth has not been estimated yet.

Davido’s connection

Who is Anita Brown aka NinaTheElite baby mama of Davido, bio, age, height, songs list, net worth, Instagram

Anita, who would be Davido’s fifth mother, took to her social media profile shortly after making her pregnancy public announcement to express her rage at the offensive background as a porn actress that had recently come to light online.

Anita preached, “If you are a believer, you would not be shaming someone is past, because that is the whole point of Christianity.” “The entire New Testament’s purpose, including redemption, salvation, faith, and purpose in suffering.”

Anita declared emphatically that she “is not ashamed of her past.”

Shortly after revealing her pregnancy to the public, Anita, who would soon become David’s fifth partner with a child, took to her social media to express her feelings after videos from her past as a porn star resurfaced online.

In her message, Anita shared a profound reflection on the essence of Christianity, emphasizing that believers should not shame others for their past actions. She firmly believed in the principles of redemption, salvation, faith, and finding purpose through pain.

Asserting that she was not ashamed of her history, Anita passionately defended her right to evolve and change as a person. She embraced both her past and present self, seeing them as essential components of her journey that gave her valuable authority and testimony.

Despite the public scrutiny and disappointment expressed by netizens, especially concerning her relationship with Davido, Anita stood her ground. She pointed out that even big-time celebrities like Canadian rapper Drake had children with porn stars, highlighting the importance of not judging others when nobody is without their flaws.

Her final words echoed a timeless lesson: “Let one without sin cast the first stone.”

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