Everything About Rainer Schaller Wife Christine Schikorsky and Net Worth 2022

German entrepreneur Rainer Schaller’s wife, Christine Schikorsky, is the mother of their two children. Both of them were in a plane crash recently.

Rainer Schaller is a renowned German Entrepreneur who has been the talk of the town several times. The founder of famous business houses is a well-known business magnate born on 4 January 1969 in Bamberg, West Germany. He is known for his dedication and sharp brain to extend his business into a multi-million empire.

The entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of RSGGroup GmbH. His empire includes McFit, John Reeds, and Gold’s Gym fitness studios. McFit is Germany’s largest fitness center chain, with 246 studios and over 1.4 million gym members in countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Poland. Gold Gym is also a well-known American fitness center with peak recognition and features renowned figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Dapper, and more.

Rainer is a fitness freak and has established a fitness market for other fitness freaks providing top-notch service and quality equipment. He is known to be a great name in the world of the gym business, holding the power of owning the world’s most renowned gyms. Along with the industry, he handles his family life well, consisting of his girlfriend, Christine Schikorsky, and two daughters, Aaron and Finja.


Quick Facts about Rainer Schaller

Wife Christine Schikorsky
Birthdate 4 January, 1969
Birthplace Bambery, West Germany
Age 53 years old
Occupation Entrepreneur
Net Worth $250 million



Rainer Schaller Wife Christine Schikorsky

Christine Schikorsky is the long-term girlfriend of GoldGym owner Rainer Schaller. She is yet to become his wife.

Rainer Schaller has not opened up about his relationship with his girlfriend, Christine. However, she is always there beside him, and has been spotted at different events together. Christine lives a pretty private and lavish life but isn’t active much on social media. Even though she is the girlfriend of a multi-millionaire, she loves to keep herself humble and doesn’t like flashing her lavish lifestyle to everyone.


Rainer Schaller attending an after party with his girlfriend Christine.
Rainer Schaller attending an after party with his girlfriend Christine. ( Source : marca )


Christine hasn’t revealed her exact birthdate but she revealed that her age is 44 years old as of now.

Her boyfriend, Rainer, on the other hand, is currently 53years old. Their respective ages make them have an age gap of 9 years.

Even though there is quite a bit of an age gap between them, their love for each other remains the same. They are regarded to have great chemistry when they appear in different events together.

Rainer Schaller Net Worth 2022

Rainer Schaller is an entrepreneur and the owner of different fitness hubs with a net worth of $250 million.

Rainer started the fitness business in 1997, establishing his first McFit fitness studio in Germany. As a German native, he decided to do something in his own country, which led him to turn his passion for gyming into opening his gym. Previously his fitness hub McFit had 400,000 members till 2010, which now has more than 1.5 million.


Rainer Schaller in his McFit studio in Germany.
Rainer Schaller in his McFit studio in Germany. ( Source : bild )


Schaller’s gym started growing daily, helping him establish a fitness empire and hiring more than thousands of staff. He earned a massive amount of money through his fitness centers. Previously, in 2020 when the COVID pandemic occurred, America’s well-known gym, Gold Gym, went bankrupt. However, extending his connections, he also purchased it and became its owner.

According to factboyz, Schaller has an estimated net worth of $250 million which he earned through his dedication to fitness and scaling the fitness business higher.

Rainer Schaller’s Children and Family

Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend Christine have two adorable daughters together, which completes their family of four.


Rainer with his wife Christine, and daughters Aaron and Finja.
Rainer with his wife Christine, and daughters Aaron and Finja. ( Source : dailymail )


The multi-millionaire has two daughters, Aaron and Finja, who have an age gap of three years.

The daughters are adorable and love spending time with their parents. Even though Rainer has a hectic schedule and work pressure, he has time to spend with her daughters. Rainer loves his daughters and claims them to be the best part of his life.


Some Facts

Who is Christine Schikorsky?

Christine Schikorsky is the girlfriend of German business tycoon, Rainer Schaller.

What is the age difference between Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend?

Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend has an age difference of 9 years as, Rainer is 53 years whereas his girlfriend is 44 years.

How many children does Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend have?

Rainer Schaller and his girlfriend has two daughter named Aaron and Finja

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