Everything To Know About Asmongold And Pink Sparkles: Facts About Their Dating Life And Update

Are Asmongold And Pink Sparkles Back Together? Dating Life and Update

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles were once dating, but unfortunately, after they officially broke up they are not still back together.

Asmongold and Pink are two of the most renowned names in the Twitch streaming industry. Asmongold is an American Twitch Streamer and Youtuber known for his gameplay in World of Warcraft. The twitch streamer is also the co-owner and content creator for One True King, a gaming organization consisting of the online content creator.

Asmongold came into the limelight after he started uploading his Youtube channel in 2009. After gaining Youtube recognition, he started streaming his game on Twitch in 2014. Ever since he joined Twitch, he has been ruling over it, being the most talked about streamer along with TenZ, Kyedae Shymko, MIss_Euphoric, and more.

Talking about the Twitch stars, we can not forget the twitch queen who once ruled Asmongold’s heart, Pink Sparkles. Izzy G is a Polish-born Twitch streamer better known as Pink Sparkles. Before starting her career as a twitch streamer, she was a teacher in one of the schools in California.

She gained massive popularity playing and streaming League of Legends on Twitch. People were impressed by her gameplay and the moves she showed in her game.


Quick Facts About Asmongold

Real Name Zack
Stage Name Asmongold
Date of birth April 20, 1990
Birthplace Austin, Texas, USA
Age 32 years
Profession Twitch Streamer
Net Worth $200,000



Are Asmongold And Pink Sparkles Back Together?

No, Asmongold and Pink Sparkles are not back together as of 2022. They were dating back then in 2018.

Both of them were in a loving relationship but refrained from media attention and limelight so when they broke up everyone was shocked to hear the news. After a long time of streaming together, their fans started speculating about their relationship.

They used to keep silent and didn’t speak about it until one day when Pink announced their relationship in her live broadcast. This later led their relationship to flourish. Their fans were more than happy knowing Asmongold was in a relationship with Pink Sparkles as they belonged to the same field and they were renowned YouTubers. Apart from gaining popularity as a YouTuber, she was also regarded as a content writer, Instagram icon, video game streamer, and gamer.


Picture of Ashmongold and Pink Sparkles extracted from Desert
Picture of Ashmongold and Pink Sparkles extracted from Desert ( Source : dexerto )


However, looking at the current scenario both Asmongold and Pink are not together, and there seem to be no possibility of seeing them back together as well. The main reason for their breakup is said to be the degrading mental health and depression of Pink.

Pink confirmed their break-up via tweets and described why they opted to end their relationship on Twitter after more than a year. “I’ve been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons. It’s led me into a pretty deep depression for a while, making it impossible for me to go live. So I’ve decided that I should move back to Cali and work on myself.”

Asmongold Girlfriend & Pink Sparkles New Partner

After splitting up, both Twitch stars are not dating anyone.

Asmongold and Pink were known for their deep love and connection as they started their relationship in 2018. Fans used to look up to them as their ideal couple. However, things took a nasty turn leading them to end their relationship via Pinks’s Twitter.


Ashmongold and Pink during a live session with fans
Ashmongold and Pink during a live session with fans ( Source : socialflea )


She told the audience about her current situation, which was the cause of their breakup. In one of her tweets, she said, “pretty deep depression for a while,” making it difficult for her to entertain her followers. She also added how her health is degrading and that she hadn’t streamed in about two months.

She is currently relocating to California to “work on herself,” She has also given hints about how Asmongold struggles with personal issues.

Recently Ashmongold’s mother also passed away from complications from advanced COPD, leading him to his temporary hiatus from the streaming world. However, after their breakup, both the twitch streamers have not dated anyone, are continuing their lives as singles, and have not given any indication of getting into a new one sooner.


Some Facts

Who is Asmongold?

Asmongold is a famous Twitch streamer known for his gameplay in World of Warcraft.

Who is Pink Sparkles?

Pink Sparkles is a Twitch streamer who is popular for streaming the game League of Legends.

Are Asmongold and Pink Sparkles dating?

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles were dating in 2018, however, now they are not together.

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