Facts About Oleg Astakhov And His Wife Kristina Androsenko: Their Age, Marriage, Net Worth & More

Who Is Oleg Astakhov's Wife Kristina Androsenko? Their Age and Wedding

Kristina Androsenko is the wife of a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, instructor, influencer, and entrepreneur Oleg Astakhov.

Oleg was born on April 17, 1982. He is also famous as the winner and finalist of major US Professional Dance Competitions. At the same time, he is an award-winning Ballroom dancer. The dancer resides in Los Angeles, California.

Astakhov became widely renowned after his dance video tutorials got viral on the internet. He has become a major social media sensation. Some of his videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok have received more than 46 million views.

His official YouTube channel has got more than 200 million views and over 410K subscribers. Moreover, he has a Facebook page named “Dance with Oleg” which has over 730 K followers.

Oleg has become successful in launching the world’s first-ever Ballroom App- “Dance with Oleg” in the app store as well as the google play store. The dancer has an experience of more than twelve years of teaching and training aspiring dancers through online videos and studio classes.

He reached dance workouts, different types of exercises, and drills, and also gives professional dancing classes. He has also worked as a choreographer on TV shows and movies.


Details about Kristina Androsenko

Full name Kristina Androsenko
Age 30-36 years
Birth date 1986-1992
Birth place Russia
Profession BallRoom Dancer and Choreographer
Spouse Oleg Astakhov
Instagram @dancewithchristina
Net worth about $1 Million



Oleg Astakhov Wife

Kristina Androsenko is the wife of dancer Oleg Astakhov. Kristina is also a professional ballroom dancer similar to her husband Oleg and Brad Coleman. She is from Russia. Her age is 30-36 years.

Kristina and Oleg share the same profession and that makes them a power couple. The couple can be seen uploading ballroom dance tutorial videos on different social media platforms. Their tutorials on YouTube have a very huge fan base.


She is the owner of a dance studio owner and choreographs students in her studio. Moreover, she also conducts online dancing classes. Through her Instagram profile, Kristina makes sure that her fans and followers get to see her amazing ballroom tutorials.

Androsenko is a very skillful and experienced artist. She has performed in various shows along with Oleg Astakhov. Besides dancing, she is also interested in poetry. She has spent most of her career days dancing, singing, and acting.

Kristina is available on Instagram under the username @dancingwithchristina. She has got 55.5K followers. She is very active on her social media profile and keeps on interacting with her fans.

She was enthusiastic about theatres and acting since her early childhood days. Being a native of Russia, she got exposed to art and culture since her birth. She grew up performing in different local theatres.

Some facts about Oleg Astakhov’s wife

  1. Kristina Androsenko is the wife of Oleg Astakhov, the popular ballroom dancer and a professional trainer
  2. Kristina was born in Russia. She grew up performing in different shows, dancing, singing, and acting
  3. She spent most of her time in the local theatres while growing up. Moreover, she has also been on several tours along with her dance company.
  4. The dancer woman has performed in more than seventy countries across the world at renowned venues. She has been to The Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom, The Winter Gardens in Blackpool, and The LiederHalle in Stuttgart, Germany
  5. Besides dancing, she also writes poetries. Moreover, she is a very skillful golf player and is passionate about Yoga as well as Meditation
  6. In the year 2016, she received the NTR Award Nomination for outstanding achievement in the professional show dance category.
  7. Kristina opened her own Dance Studio in the year 2020. She gives professional dancing classes online as well as in her studio. Moreover, she also launched a fitness mobile app in the year 2021.
  8. She appeared in the talent Tv show called “So you think you can dance” and made it into the top twenty finalists in the entire season.
  9. She is available on Instagram under the username @dancewithchristina. She has got more than 50K followers on her Instagram profile and shares different dancing tutorials through her posts.
  10. She also has a project named Dance Plus Fit Method which provides tutorials for comprehensive dance, body conditioning, strengthening, stretching, and exercising. It is an online platform and a mobile app for dance cardio, stamina, flexibility, choreographies, and sculpting.


Some Facts

Who is Kristina Androsenko?

Kristina Androsenko is a professional ballroom dancer and a choreographer.

Who is the husband of Kristina Androsenko?

Kristina Androsenko’s husband is Influencer and dancer Oleg Astakhov

Where is Kristina Androsenko from?

Kristina Androsenko is from Russia

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