Helena Bonham Carter Relationship With Graham Bonham Carter And Wife: Family Matters Net Worth And More

Graham Bonham Carter Wife & Family: How Is He Related To Helena Bonham Carter?

Graham Bonham Carter is related to Helena Bonham Carter as the second cousin of actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Graham’s mother married his Father, Robin Desmond Bonham Carter, and shared three children with him. He is very successful like Kevin Rinke.

Helena Bonham Carter is an English actress popularly known for her films, including Lady Jane and A room with a view.

She was born in Islington, London. Her Father was Raymond Bonham Carter, and he came from a very prominent British Political Family. At the same time, he was also a merchant banker and used to serve as an alternative British director representing the Bank of England.

Her mother, Elena, is a psychotherapist having a Spanish and Jewish background. Even her paternal grandmother was a politician and feminist, Violet Bonham Carter, daughter of H.H. Asquith, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the first half of World War first.

Along with Helena, Graham has two other cousins who are her brother. They are Edward and Thomas. Helena had no formal training in acting when she entered the industry.

She made her professional debut in a television commercial when she was sixteen. The actress won a writing contest in 1979 and used the money to pay for her entry into the actors’ spotlight directory.


Quick Info About Graham Bonham Carter

Full name Graham Bonham Carter
Age 62 years old
Date of birth 1960
Place of birth Zimbabwe
Profession Businessman
Related to Helena Bonham Carter
Spouse Kay Patricia Bonham Carter
Net worth about $3 billion


Graham Bonham Carter’s wife is Kay Patricia Bonham Carter.

She was one of the individuals who was included in the Bonham-Carter family tragedy. She was 55 years old when she passed away in the accident.

As of 2022, Graham Bonham Carter is 62 years old. He is a very renowned businessman based in the United Kingdom. He is a British property chief and cash supervisor.

Graham was born in Zimbabwe. He is the director of the Green Building Council of Mauritius, a renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing quatre bornes. It was established with the main vision to transform and lead the built environment sector in Mauritius toward a more sustainable future.

The businessman is very private and seems to have a low-key life. He does not have a social media presence and has fewer public connections. Moreover, his LinkedIn profile also contains very less information about his personal and professional life.

However, a lot of people recognize him as the second cousin of the successful actress Helena. Moreover, the businessman also makes headlines as a result of certain controversies.

How Is Graham Bonham Carter Related To Helena Bonham Carter?

Graham Bonham Carter, cousin of the famous British actress, Helena Bonham Carter is a businessman.

His father’s name is Robin Desmond Bonham Carter. He has two siblings. Graham’s mother later married her second husband named Francis Lyle Kirkwood. They both passed away in a car accident after six years of their marriage while going for a jungle safari.

The accident was very fatal and it is often talked about. It was a great loss to the entire Bonham Carter family. During the accident, Graham, unfortunately, lost his wife Kay Patricia Bonham Carter including their nephew who was named Marcus. Kay was fifty-five years old during the incident.

The tragedy affected Helena and Graham Bonham Carter to a great extent. The family was on a vacation in South Africa and was traveling in a minivan. One of the van’s tires suddenly burst which sent the vehicle flipping through the air several times.


Helena Bonham Carter, cousin of Graham Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter, cousin of Graham Bonham Carter ( Source : vanityfair )


Both cousins have managed to continue their careers after they went through an irreparable loss. However, they are very likely to get affected by what happened with their family members for the rest of their lives.

However, Graham and his parents are not included in the Bonham-Carter family profile. The Carter family is known to be the descendant of John Bonham Carter. He is a British Member of Parliament and a barrister.

Graham Bonham Carter Family Background

Graham Bonham Carter is the descendent of the famous John Bonham Carter, who was the first person to use a double-barreled surname in history.

The Carter family is a British family, and the family includes a good number of prominent figures in various sectors around the United Kingdom.

John Bonham Carter was the son of Sir John Carter, Mayor of Portsmouth. The additional surname Bonham was assumed by Royal License when he inherited the estates of his cousin Thomas Bonham. Most of the members of Bonham-Carters have belonged to Unitarian Churches.

John became a member of parliament and a barrister. Similarly, his wife Joanna Maria Smith was the daughter of William Smith, the abolitionist MP. Her sister Frances was the mother of Florence Nightingale.

One of the most popular members of the family is Hollywood actress Helena Bonham Carter, cousin sister of Graham Bonham Carter. The actress has been nominated for the academy awards two times. At the same time, she also won British Academy Film Award.


Some Facts

Who is Graham Bonham Carter?

Graham Bonham Carter is a popular businessman based on UK and cousin of Helena Bonham Carter, the popular actress

How old is Graham Bonham Carter?

As of 2022, Graham Bonham Carter is 62 years old

What is the net worth of Graham Bonham Carter?

Graham Bonham Carter has a net worth of about $3 billion

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