How Old Is James Sweeney Age? Meet Straight Up Actor On Instagram

The age of James Sweeney, who stars in the 2019 film ‘Straight Up,’ has sparked the interest of many of his female followers.

James is a film actor with exceptional acting abilities. The 2019 movie ‘Straight Up’ has made him highly popular among admirers.

Straight Up (2019) is a humorous rom-com that combines screwball comedy and millennial angst in a hilarious way. James Sweeney directed and acted in it.

Sweeney is gifted in a variety of areas. He is a writer and director in addition to acting. ‘The First,’ a film he created and directed, was released in 2011.


How Old Is Straight Up Actor James Sweeney Age? His Wiki

James Sweeney will turn 32 years old as of 8 June 2022. He was born to his mom and dad in 1990.

Based on his date of birth, Gemini is his zodiac sign.

Although Sweeney is in his early thirties, the actor appears to be pretty young. As a result, the actor has a lot of female admirers.


James Sweeney will turn 32 soon
James Sweeney will turn 32 soon


The filmmaker, James Sweeney, will hopefully be featured on Wikipedia soon. Nonetheless, he has a brief profile with a portfolio of his acting career on the official IMDb sites.

James Sweeney appears to be relatively private when it comes to his personal life, and he has rarely spoken about his family members.

In an exclusive interview, Sweeney did acknowledge his sister, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet.

James Sweeney Girlfriend: Is He Dating?

James Sweeney, the dashing actor, appears single at 31. Therefore, there are presently no particulars reachable on his girlfriend.

Sweeney’s social media account features photos of him with some of his female pals. Still, he hasn’t mentioned any of them as his sweetheart.


Todd is played by James Sweeney in Straight Up (2019 film)
Todd is played by James Sweeney in Straight Up (2019 film)


James may have been in a relationship in the past, but he has never revealed anything about his romantic involvement in the media.

James Sweeney Net Worth – How Much Does He Have?

James Sweeney may have at least a $1million net worth.

To date, his true earnings are not uncovered publicly.

His acting and directing careers are his principal sources of income. He will undoubtedly amass significant riches in the coming years following his successful career.


Follow James Sweeney on Instagram where he goes as @sweeneytawd.
Follow James Sweeney on Instagram where he goes as @sweeneytawd.


In the film Straight Up, Sweeney portrays a quick-witted gay man in his twenties who begins to question his sexuality after meeting actress Rory, acted by Kate Findley.

Some of the popular drama series and films directed by James Sweeney are Normal Doors (2015), David (2008), and Brooklyn Love Stories (2019).

Meet Straight Up Actor James Sweeney On Instagram

James Sweeney’s Instagram page is available under @sweeneytawd. He has gained 3K followers on his Inta handle so far.

Sweeney appears to have a knack for capturing atheistic portrayals. “Not prepared for most natural disasters,” his Instagram bio reads.

At present, his Instagram account is unverified with a blue tick mark. The actor hasn’t even acquired the massive following that he deserves.

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