Janeek Brown Sha Carri Richardson Relationship Timeline – How Long Did They Date?

Sha Carri Richardson had a toxic relationship with her ex-partner. Unfortunately, she has a soulful relationship with her partner Janeek Brown.

Sha Carri Richardson, a track standout, recently revealed that she was recovering from an abusive relationship with another female athlete.

The former partner has now been identified and has spoken forward to confirm the charges. Janeek Brown, a 24-year-old Jamaican track champion, went live on Instagram for a recent interview in which she addressed the problem.


Janeek Brown Sha Carri Richardson Relationship Timeline

Sha Carri Richardson is a self-assured and flamboyant 22-year-old sprinter from Dallas, who made headlines last year by dominating time on the track while displaying a vibrant aesthetic and a bold attitude.

Despite her abilities, she was disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics for consuming marijuana, prompting supporters to rally around her in a #LetShaCarriRun movement.

While she never got the chance to compete with her squad on the Tokyo track, viewers continued to read about the young athlete’s personal problems.

It includes the death of her biological mother just a week before the 2021 Olympic trials began.

According to Richardson, the most current revelation about the toxic relationship that lasted two years is nearly as bad.

“From the start, I was in a relationship with a Jamaican athlete Janeek Brown who didn’t care about me,” she wrote.

“While they dragged me, I was abused and stolen from, but I saved her from the condemnation of her country and family.”

She added, “I had to deal with homophobia and a lot more, and I’m still recovering.”


Janeek Brown Abuse And Assault Allegations Towards Sha Carri Richardson

Jeneek Brown, a Jamaican sprinter who specializes in the 100m Hurdles has responded to Sha’Carri’s charges.

She admitted she did insult the sprinter but claimed Sha’Carri merely spoke out for clout.

Janeek said the abuse only happened once during a virtual interview with @BwouaTingz, and that they tried to get past their troubles but fell short.

Brown admitted, “I was abusive once, and there is physical evidence of it.” “And we moved on, and even after that, when I tried to move on from it, we couldn’t.”

She said that if the abuse was as serious as Sha’Carri claimed, she should press charges. She claimed that there was a lot of arguing between them throughout their relationship.


Sha Carri said on her Instagram Stories last week that she recently left an abusive relationship and that she felt better after being able to express her truth.

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