Major Mom Net Worth – Details on Update After Shark Tank and Its Founder Angela Cody-Rouget

Some Facts About The Major Mom - Net Worth, Details On Update After Shark Tank And Its Founder Angela Cody-Rouget

The estimated net worth of Major Mom is $3 million after six years of appearance on Shark Tank.

Major Mom is a residential organizing Company established by Angela Cody-Rouget. She featured on the military episode of Shark Tank on February 5, 2016. She spent fourteen years serving her country as a satellite commander and missile in the United States Air Force.

Angela left the military on an honorable discharge to stay home with her children. At the same time, her husband’s business collapsed, and as a result, she had to find another way to support her family by herself.

While organizing her home, a business idea popped into her mind that she could turn into a business. She began her business venture in 2006 and continued it alone for three consecutive years. After that, I found a business partner named Mandy Pinkston to run the Major Mom Training Academy in 2009.

The main objective of the business venture Major Mom is to declutter and ditch unnecessary things. The business allows liberators to go into people’s houses and help them to declutter their daily lives. Moreover, they also provide the clients with simple plans to implement that makes their life organized and ordered. The Company is well established, just like the coffee meets bagel which appeared on Shark Tank.


Quick Facts about Major Mom

Founded in 2006
Founder Angela Cody-Rouget
Net Worth $5 million
Origin United States of America
Service provided Organizing services for household and office
Website majormom.biz



Major Mom Net Worth and Revenue in 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of Major Mom is $5 million, according to sharktankblog.com.

Major Mom became able to flourish even after the founder failed to land a Shark in the Tank. She has become able to quantify her Shark Tank effect by listing one hundred thirty-nine new leads and eighteen clients, including the $16,752 she credits to the after-airing traffic. She couldn’t secure the $150,000 for investment through Shark Tank, but her business continues to excel.

The Company has become successful in training more than 54 liberators. Moreover, it employed 32 liberators alone in Denver and Phoenix in early 2017, a year after the Company’s Shark Tank appearance.

In 2022, the Company aimed at re-branding to Major Organizers. Major Mom operates in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas. Today, clients can depend on Major Mom for virtual or in-home organizing services.

The liberators help clients set up customizable, sustainable, and quality systems for homes, offices, and cars. Moreover, the approach to organizing also helps clients save time and money.

What happened To Major Mom After the Shark Tank?

Angela tried her best to impress the Sharks. She said that if the president trusted her with the keys to nukes, the Shark investors could trust her with their money.

The Sharks were buoyant after hearing that her income thus far was $20,000 to $40,000 and that she had re-invested for the growth and sustainability of the business. However, they claimed that the numbers weren’t sufficient enough if she wanted to excel in the industry.

Moreover, the Sharks thought the business was not good enough to be franchised. As a result, Angela had to leave the negotiations. Mark Cuban even exclaimed that he did not find the business good fun. At the same time, Robert Herjavec shared that although the money was being replicated, she required some more time to figure out the business.

However, even after being rejected from the show, Major Mom did not stop functioning. It got a lot of attention for being in the front. As a result, Angela got a whooping 18 clients and 139 leads as soon as the television episode aired. She became successful in operating the Company in 14 locations in 5 states. Angela had promised to keep going until she became a national brand and kept her word. The Company continues restoring order to the world one household at a time.

How does Major Mom work?

The Major Mom uses five simple steps to complete the organization of any projects they need to accomplish. 

STEPS is an acronym for Sort, Treasure, Establish Homes and Systems, Plan your Containers, and Start New Habits. The public can hire their organizers anytime from the Company’s official website. 

The organizers use a three-phased approach to organize the stuff of clients. Every client gets treated as a person with unique needs, requirements, values, and goals. Moreover, the solutions are always customized, achievable, and sustainable at the same time. 


The team of Major Mom pictured together

The team of Major Mom pictured together ( Source : majororganizers ) 

Here are the phases used by the Major Mom’s Organizers:

Phase One: Picturing 

The first phase involves visualizing how the space or the room would best serve the current and future needs of the client. The organizers get a good picture of what works well and why. After that, they determine what systems are required to sustain the vision properly. 

Phase Two: Planning 

The second phase involves creating a space plan and an action plan. The team helps distinguish between zones inside a room and gets the more essential items placed first. The action plan includes details on what areas and spaces will be worked on and in what order. Moreover, it also makes sure who will do what and determine the essential supplies.

Phase Three: Proceed with STEPS

The last phase is when the action is taken by following the steps in order.

SORT Into Categories: a place like items together

TREASURE What Counts: determine what stays and goes. ESTABLISH Homes and Systems: decide where things live & the flow of items

PLAN Your Container Strategy: select and utilize appropriate containers

S – START New Habits: implement your new systems

What services does Major Mom provide?

The Major Mom Company is best known for Organizing projects. It specializes in the areas that are mentioned below:

  • Residential Organizing
  • Office Organizing and paper management
  • Unpack and Organize a new home
  • Preparing a home for a baby
  • Family Management
  • Time management
  • Downsizing
  • Merging Households

The Company is best known for helping clients get rid of the clutter that drains so much energy and productivity. The liberators with better experience organize all spaces in the home, whether it be the transformation of rooms or offices.

Moreover, if someone is not getting enough time to pack and unpack things while shifting to a new place or moving out, Major Mom comes to the rescue.


An image of order created out of chaos by the Major Mom extracted through their official website
An image of order created out of chaos by the Major Mom extracted through their official website ( Source : majororganizers )


Similarly, the Company also provides new furniture and accessories services, including bedroom and space arrangements for newborn babies. Moreover, you can also trust the Company to downsize the size of your rooms, merge households, ensure everyone’s lifestyle, values, and needs, and save the time and energy required in organizing.

How is Major Mom different from other Organizing Companies?

The Major Mom is different from other Organizing Companies in many ways, which is also a significant reason behind its success.

The Company is not just about cleaning and dusting the spaces. Instead, it involves clearing out everything, preparing the house for a change, and teaching the young how to stay organized. Moreover, professional organizers are taking the service to the next level.

Major Mom specialized in downsizing and combining households, which is not an easy job to perform and requires significant expertise. The service providers in the Company are well trained and facilitated for such tasks. Moreover, the professional organizers also have networks of resources like consignment stores, retailers, and appraisers.

Any team member arriving at your household from Major Mom has been schooled in the Major Mom method, which is the Company’s brand of home organization, for thirty-six hours and has spent forty-eight hours doing hands-on training. Moreover, the team member has undergone a background check, culture fit, and personality tests.

Competitors of Major Mom

 After its foundation in 2006, Major Mom has been functioning very well. It has become able to win the trust of many clients because of the better service. However, Major Mom has some significant competitors in the market, and to win them over, the Company must continue its legacy.

Here are some of the Major Mom’s Competitors:

Funktional Home

Funktional Home is one of the major competitors of the Major Mom Company. This organizing service provider agency is situated in Littleton, Colorado. It provides services like maintenance of yards, homes, offices, garages, and renovation. Moreover, it also provides clients with solutions for decor, electronics, and plumbing.

USA Organizers

USA organizers is a Company that provides organizing services to clients, and it is another competitor for Major Mom. The CompanyCompases on creating clarity from the chaos and offers customizable ideas to the people. Moreover, CompanyCompa works with the client’s needs, vision, timeline, and budget to better utilize the spaces.

The Organizing Company

The Organizing Company is another competitor for the Major Mom. The Company excels in helping people free up time and energy to pursue the passions that give them meaning in life. Moreover, the Company has professional organizers as employees. At the same time, the review of this Company is pretty good, with a rating of 4.9 out of 5. The Company has in-home organization services and moving out, packing, and unpacking services.

Meet the Major Mom Founder Angela Cody Rouget

Angela Cody-Rouget is the founder of Major Mom. She has been running the Company successfully and aims to create a clutter-free world through her organizing services. 

Angela had spent more than fourteen years of life in the Air force. She dedicated her skills and knowledge as a satellite control and missile combat crew commander. 

She was able to receive the rank of a major. After her first child was born, her husband nicknamed her Major Mom, which later became her company’s name. Angela left the military job after her son was born in 2005 because she thought that her professional and personal life were not compatible. 

After quitting the service in Air Force, she created the Major Mom Company in 2006. She was also featured on the military episode of Shark Tank on the 5th of February in 2016. 


Meet Angela Cody, the founder of Major Mom and former US Air Force Satellite Control Commander
Meet Angela Cody, the founder of Major Mom and former US Air Force Satellite Control Commander ( Source : womensinformationnetwork )


The founder of Major Mom has earned a BA in speech communication at Indiana University and an MBA from the University Of Colorado. She is also a National Association of Professional Organizers member and the Executive Director of Faithful Organizers. 

Angela’s view of Major Mom 

Angela says she is born to create order in the world, eradicating all the chaos. Therefore, she has been raising an army of Liberators, working hard to restore order. 

Today, she is a part of an extensive global family. She wishes her business to grow even more so that she can help people in need. 

Angela is thankful for her husband for always being so supportive and understanding. Otherwise, it would have become difficult for her to maintain her professional life with a child’s upbringing. 

She has worked as a solo professional organizer for three years, and her vision is to grow her Organization to a grand scale. She wants to ensure that everyone struggling with clutter and chaos knows whom to call for help during hard times. 

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