MasterChef Season 12: Who Is The Beautiful Amature Chef Brielle ‘Bri’ Baker? All About MarterChef New Contestant

Bri Baker is a popular chef who appeared in Master Chef Season 10. Currently, she has returned to the show and is competing again in the 12th season of Master Chef. She is well known for her cooking skills.

Bri is a young and talented chef who has impressed a huge crowd of people with her unique cooking style. The dishes made by her are always mouth-watering, and it is a dream for many people to taste them once in their life.

She is not just a pro at cooking; she aces her work by designing and styling food items in a very stylish way. The talented chef, also known as the plating queen, is a cocktail server from Dallas, Texas.

The professional chef is all set to shine in the 12th season of one of the most popular shows, MasterChef: Back to Win. This is her second time competing in the show, as she was part of the 10th season of the show, where she had already gained immense love and support.

Who Is Chef Brielle ‘Bri’ Baker?

Chef Brielle ‘Bri’ Baker is one of the competitors on the show MasterChef: Back To Win, where she has returned to the show to give tough competition to her opponents. The popular food stylist had ranked in 8th place in her previous show on MasterChef.

She is actively engaged in showcasing her delicious and mouthwatering foods via her social media accounts for her food styling and photography business. She is a beautiful and confident contestant in the show, from whom audiences have high expectations and hopes.

The Plating Queen on the sets of MasterChef
The Plating Queen on the sets of MasterChef


The talented chef began her journey on the show with an incredible dish that landed her in the top groups and the toughest competition.However, with her courage and dedication, she was able to win the hearts of the judges with her mouthwatering food.

The judges of the show were immensely impressed by her plating skills, which suit the name “The Plating Queen” best on her. Unfortunately, she could not meet the expectations of the judges and had to leave the show as it was close to the finale.

The Plating Queen’s Age, Boyfriend, Family, And More

The Plating Queen, Bri, is a 26-year-old chef and was just 24 years old when she was featured in the 10th season of MasterChef. Hence, she is quite secretive about her personal matters, and hence, she has not disclosed any information about her family or dating life.

Chef Bri enjoying her Halloween themed treat box
Chef Bri enjoying her Halloween themed treat box


The chef’s determination and dedication could not be broken by anything, and now she has returned to the show with unbreakable courage and confidence. She believes in waking up every time one falls, and this side of her is loved by many.

The Plating Queen Bri’s Instagram

Bri stays quite active on her social media platforms. She uses her Instagram account to engage with her fans and posts a number of pictures of her mouthwatering food.

Chef Bri cooking for Grant aCHATZ
Chef Bri cooking for Grant aCHATZ


She has 59.3k followers, 104 posts, and 1,915 followers on her Instagram account. Most of her posts are about her cooking, which shows how much she loves her passion.

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