Meet Future’s 10th Baby Mama On Instagram: Who Is Kryazyk?

Who Is Kryazyk? Meet Future's 10th Baby Mama On Instagram

Future pictured at a party event a few years back ( Source : xxlmag )

Future’s baby mama, Kryazyk, alleges that the man has stooped giving her child support after she denied following his desires.

Better known by his stage name Future, singer Nayvadius DeMun has made a global reputation in the music industry.

However, it is not only his musical career that gets the headlines on the internet. As the father of at least seven children with different baby mammas, the artist’s personal life matters also make massive news as many people follow him closely across various social media platforms.

Recently, his believed tenth baby mama Kryazyk opened up about their deteriorating relationship and alleged Future of not giving her child support. It is not the first time the rapper’s baby mama has accused him of stopping child support.

Jessica Smith sued him for failing child support in 2016, and Ciara also sued him the same year for defamation, slander, and libel, reports Wikipedia. Adding to that list is Kryazyk, who recently spoke against DeMun on her Instagram.


Quick Facts On Kryazyk

Known As Kryazyk
Age 25- 35
Nationality American
Children 1
Profession Business, Investment
Instagram @kryazyk



Who Is Kryazyk? Future’s Baby Mama

Future’s baby mama Kryazyk is the tenth woman with whom he has birthed a child.

Kryazyk is a username on Instagram, hence her real name is also a well-kept secret.


Future's latest baby mama Kryazyk pictured at a restaurant
Future’s latest baby mama Kryazyk pictured at a restaurant ( Source : instagram )


Little about her is known now as she is a new face on the internet without many background details. She is of American nationality and the latest partner of the rapper.

Kryazyk and Future were briefly involved in a romantic relationship, but it was nothing serious. The lady is active as an internet personality and doesn’t seem to be involved in the commercial sector professionally.

8 Facts About Kryazyk

  1. Kryazyk appears to be around 25- 30 years old, based on her online photos. Nonetheless, her actual age and birthdate details are still missing.
  2. She was available on Instagram with the username @kryazyk, but the account is currently unavailable. So, the woman seems to have deactivated her account due to excessive media attention.
  3. Kryazyk shares a daughter with the famous American rapper, Future. But the child’s name and other information are unknown.
  4. The lady accused Future of stopping child support after she refused to entertain his uncommon intimate desires.
  5. Through her Instagram account, Future’s baby mama spoke about their toxic relationship and how the man mistreated her with ill behavior. The ybfdaily Instagram account reported the claims to the broader public.
  6. She also shared the screenshot where the artist threatened her of leaking their intimate clips on the internet from a fake number.
  7. Although her professional background is unknown, Kryazyk has her revenue sources and invests money in different fields, as she claimed.
  8. Kryazyk is of American nationality, but she might be related to another origin. She likely is related to African heritage, but there are no specific details.


Some Facts

How Old Is Future’s Baby Mama Kryazyk?

Future’s baby mama Kryazyk seems to be around 25 – 35 years old, based on her appearance.

What Is Kryazyk’s Instagram?

Kryazyk was available on Instagram with the username @kryazyk but the acount no longer exists at the moment.

Who Is Kryazyk’s Child With Future?

Kryazyk reportedly shares a daughter with the rapper Future. But her name and other details are unknown.

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