Meet Ruth Codd: What Happened At The Midnight Club, Is The Anya Actress An Amputee?

What Happened To Ruth Codd's Leg? The Midnight Club "Anya" Actress Is An Amputee

Midnight Club Anya actress Ruth Codd broke her leg at 15, which never healed despite having eight surgeries, so she had no option other than amputation.

Actress Ruth Codd is recognized for her role as Anya in Netflix’s horror mystery-thriller television series The Midnight Club. The thriller series was released on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

Born and raised in Ireland, she amputated her leg at 23, after it became difficult in her daily life with the injured leg. She later emigrated to the United States in her early teens.

Ruth Codd was a TikTok star before securing a role in the series. Currently, she primarily focuses on her acting career and wants to explore more in the acting career.


Quick Facts On Ruth Codd

Name Ruth Codd
Age 26
Known As “Anya” in The Midnight Club
Disability Amputee
Hometown Wexford, Ireland
Instagram @ruthcodd



What Happened To Ruth Codd’s Leg? Disability Story

Ruth Codd broke her leg, which never healed until she amputated it at 23.

The first injury occurred when she was 15 years old. However, she lived her life with eight unsuccessful surgery to recover from the wound.Due to unbearable pain and ulcers, her leg could hold her life, and she decided to have an amputation. Her injury led her to become a disabled person.

She rejects the disability defining her and talks about being more confident with the amputated leg. She used to wear heavy splints around the leg before getting an amputation. She doesn’t let herself back to being a lonely person with a disability. Moreover, she was much more active and rose as one of the famous TikTok stars.

Ruth Codd deleted her TikTok account after securing the role for the Netflix series. Before having an acting career, she was a makeup artist and a barber.

The Midnight Club “Anya” Actress Is An Amputee- Netflix Storyline

In The Midnight Club, Anya is an amputee with her lower leg cut off due to cancer.

Anya is shown panicking from her wheelchair in the thrilling trailer of the Netflix series. Her demonic shadow slowly stands up and reaches toward her, which leaves her frightened. The scene seems terrifying in the trailer, which was released on YouTube on September 20, 2022.


The storyline expands more to the series’ main character, Ilonka also has cancer and is roommate of, Anya. She is more optimistic about recovery. However, Anya is described as a “nihilist” and “rebel without a cause” who thinks recovery is not an option.

The Midnight Club displays the life of terminally ill young adults in a home run by a doctor. Every midnight they met and told scary stories. One night one of them expires, and bizarre occurrences lead to a different storyline for the series.

Who are Ruth Codd’s Parents?

Ruth Codd’s parents are of Irish nationality, giving birth to Ruth in Wexford, Ireland.

She had her injury at 15, and her family hospitalized her after having eight unsuccessful surgeries. However, she has not revealed the family details on any public forum. Her parents seem not to be using any social media platforms.


Ruth Codd, pictured with her parents in Paris, France, as narrated by her Instagram post

Ruth Codd, pictured with her parents in Paris, France, as narrated by her Instagram post ( Source : instagram ) 

Growing up with Irish parents, she made her life feel to be than it was. Her parents helped her to have surgeries from time to time, but it was successful, and at age 23, she finally decided to get an amputation.

The Midnight Club cast rose as the TikTok star. After that, however, she deleted her account to pursue her acting career on a big screen. Hse was active as a barber and makeup artist professionally before landing the role of Anya in the series.


Some Facts

Who is Ruth Codd?

Ruth Codd, aged 26, is an actress from the Netflix television series The Midnight Club.

What happened to Ruth Codd’s leg?

Ruth Codd injured her leg at 15 and amputated it at 23 after having several unsuccessful surgeries.

What role does Ruth Codd play in “The Midnight Club?”

Ruth Codd plays Anya, a nihilist, a rebel without a cause, and Ilonka’s roommate.

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