Who is Brentlyg On TikTok? Horror Novel Writer Making A Living On Social Media

Brentlyg is a TokToker who is writing horror novels.

Brentlyg asked the internet for more friends and after having a group of friends made a viral video with his best friends.

While nothing is known about the app’s creator, TikTok is well-known around the world. According to data, the network now has millions of monthly users posting material.


Who is Brentlyg On TikTok? Wikipedia

Brentlyg on TikTok is a guy who is not yet featured on the Wikipedia page. He was on the Tiktok with short videos. He was writing a horror novel. 



He said, “The events depicted in the book are the majority of their first encounters with true horror. As a result, I don’t believe genuine people would behave in that manner.”

The Tiktoker added, “At the end of the day, I need to bolster my feelings. Have the living truly experienced the agony of watching a buddy die for the first time, or the terror of knowing that whatever is out there is pursuing them, and it might be anywhere.”

His fans like his creation and extend their support. He also expresses his gratitude for his fan’s love for him. 

Know Brentlyg, A Horror Novel Writer Age And Real Name

@Brentlyg, a TikToker’s name is Brently Gogan. As per his profile on his TikTok page, we can see that he has put 24 years as his age. 

He posts comedy videos on TikTok. Having huge fan followers he is now pursuing his profession in writing to fulfill his passion of being a writer. 

The Tiktoker is obese, but his height is 6 feet and 1 inch. He was asking for more friends on the internet, and he calls his friends a Bean crew. 

What Is Brentlyg Net Worth 2022?

Brentlyg’s estimated net worth is not known. However, as the world gets increasingly digitally linked and social media continues to impact younger generations, the power of influence has become a job that lucky and talented young individuals have been able to turn into millions of dollars.



You can follow him on his TikTok account having the username @brentlyg. He has 221.6K followers and has accumulated 4.3million likes as of May 2022.

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