Who Is Lara Billie Rense’s Partner Marieke Visser? Touching Live Proposal by Presenter on Radio

Facts About Lara Billie Rense And His Partner Mariake Visser - Touching Live Proposal On Radio By Presenter

Marieke Visser, best known as the partner of Lara Billie Rense, is a children’s book author.

Radio host Lara Billie Rense is engaged to his partner after he proposed to his girlfriend on a live program. It takes remarkable courage to ask the love of your life for marriage, and doing it on a live program is something beyond incredible.

But Rense had it all in him and used the right moment to convey the feelings that he had kept in his heart for a long time. The host, who is a non-binary radio personality, decided to confess in the live program and called his lover on the spot to propose marriage.

Well, that is something special, and the way Lara’s partner responded to that question further explains how much she loved the surprise. The lady took a few seconds to process the whole situation and realized the moment before taking a split second to say a happy yes.

But who is the gorgeous partner of the Dutch host who made him bend the knee and pop the question? Continue reading as we discuss Rense’s lover Marieke Visser and their engagement. But before that, here are some quick facts about the radio personality.


Quick Facts On Lara Billie Rense

Real Name Lara Billie Rense
Age 50
Birthplace Nunspeet, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Relationship Status Engaged
Partner Marieke Visser
Instagram @larabillierense
Twitter @LaraBillieRense



Who Is Lara Billie Rense Partner Marieke Visser?

Lara Billie Rense’s partner, Marieke Rense Visser, is a Dutch writer who inclusively writes children’s books.


Lara Billie Rense enjoying personal time with his partner, Marieke Visser
Lara Billie Rense enjoying personal time with his partner, Marieke Visser ( Source : instagram )


Available on Instagram under the user handle @marieke_visser, she has been active as an author for a long time. She takes inspiration from her own family to understand children’s behavior since she is the mother of two kids.

She regularly publishes her books to help with children’s teaching and understanding. Although the exact number is unknown, Marieke has already written multiple books for the kids’ welfare and education.

The writer has also shared some glimpses of her works on social media, where she often likes to upload pictures of her personal life moments.

Lara Billie Rense And His Partner Marieke Visser Are Engaged

Radio personality Lara Billie Rense is engaged to his partner, Marieke Visser, after he proposed to his lover on a live program.

In a radio program where Rense was the guest, the host asked him what was still on his bucket list after all the achievements and work. The Dutch personality answered that question and said, “Marry my great love,” reports Paudal.

Soon after, Lara took to the phone and spoke with his partner, where he confessed his love for the woman and how happy he was in their romantic relationship. Eventually, he popped the question and asked his girlfriend if she would marry him.

Following the proposal, Visser responded happily and said yes before asking Rense to come home quickly. A few hours after the lovely occasion, Marieke shared glimpses of their celebration on Instagram and used a ring emoji in her post caption, thus ensuring their engagement.

Rense Identifies As Non Binary

Lara Billie Rense currently identifies as a non-binary person after he announced the decision in a radio program in February.


Lara Billie Rense pictured during a professional photoshoot
Lara Billie Rense pictured during a professional photoshoot ( Source : ad )


He announced his acceptance on a radio program, stating himself as the “first non-binary radio presenter in the Netherlands.” The host also added the middle name “Billie” so that his full name could reflect both his masculinity and feminine side, reports Netherland Posten.

Rense had already talked about it in January in a program but officially declared it through his program a month later. Besides that, Lara also uses various pronouns.


Some Facts

Who Is Lara Billie Rense Partner?

Lara Billie Rense’s partner is Marieke Visser who is a children’s book writer.

How Old Is Lara Billie Rense?

Born on July 31, 1972, in Netherlands, Lara Billie Rense is 50 years old.

Are Lara Billie Rense And His Partner, Marieke, Engaged?

Yes, Lara Billie Rense and his partner, Marieke Visser, are engaged after he proposed to his girlfriend on a live program.

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