2023 WWC: Equal pay – Megan Rapinoe speaks out as USA crash out

2023 WWC: Equal pay – Megan Rapinoe speaks out as USA crash out

Megan Rapinoe, a winger for the United States, said that her favorite memory of her international career is fighting for “equal pay” for women who play for the American national team.

Rapinoe spoke after the USA was eliminated by Sweden from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Remember that after the United States and Sweden drew 0-0 in their last-16 match, Sweden won on penalties after Rapinoe missed her penalty during the shootout.

The 38-year-old made her final World Cup appearance and broke down in tears at the final whistle since she intends to retire once the National Women’s Soccer League season concludes in October.

With the United States, Rapinoe has won two World Cup championships.

She was a key figure in the effort to ensure that female national team athletes in 2019 were paid equally to their male counterparts.

After Sweden knocked her side from the World Cup, Rapinoe was questioned about a recollection from her time with the United States national team and responded to Fox Sports by saying: “I mean… After the final [in 2019], there will likely be chants for equal pay.

And although they may have been saying a variety of other things, I believe they were referring to equal pay. The most satisfying aspect for me has been how hard this squad has always pushed for so much more.

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