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Earlier this year, the Supreme Court made a devastating decision by ruling against protecting fundamental reproductive rights and overturning Roe v. Wade, one of the most pivotal women’s rights cases in all of history.

Since the decision was made, and the ultimate choice of upholding reproductive rights put in the hands of individual territories, a number of U.S. states including Texas, Wisconsin and Alabama have banned abortions, making it against the law to take part in any abortive procedure in these states. The alarming pace at which states moved to ban abortion has caused distress to many, leading to demonstrations throughout the country (and the world) with many brands joining in to support the cause.

One such brand initiative is the ““, launched by the founder of , a female-founded clean beauty brand. The Every Body Campaign is a coalition made up of more than 35 brands, all vowing to donate proceeds from sales of limited-edition products to raise awareness and support reproductive rights justice. This campaign is in partnership with Sister Song, a national activist organization that helps marginalized communities most impacted by anti-abortion legislation and encourages votes for candidates with reproductive justice values.

In addition to Saie, other beauty and wellness brands that are a part of this initiative include , Maude and Hatch, amongst others.

“At Saie, our mission first and foremost is to feel good and do good for people and the planet. Period.” says Laney Crowell, Founder and CEO of Saie, in a press release. “It’s our responsibility to use our platforms to advocate for the right to govern our own bodies and create incredible change.”

“Women of color in states with restrictive abortion laws often are battling multiple layers of oppression that impact their ability to access healthcare and make decisions about their own bodies,” says Executive Director of SisterSong, Monica Simpson. “The Every Body Campaign is catapulting big-beauty to the forefront of the fight for reproductive justice by turning their platforms into battlegrounds that will give consumers a unique pathway to organize against anti-abortion laws. SisterSong is dedicated to protecting our human right to bodily autonomy, and the donations raised from this campaign has the power to change the lives of thousands.

As part of the Every Body campaign, each brand repackages a limited-edition product in an “Every Body Green” carton. These cartons are leaf green in color, inspired by the green bandanas often seen at reproductive rights demonstrations.

The , for example, was released by Saie to support the cause and campaign. The best-selling balm is designed to both hydrate and nourish skin, with marshmallow root extract, jojoba esters and sunflower seed oil, among other ingredients and it’s priced at just $18.



Looking to support the Every Body campaign and Sister Song through other products? The collection also includes things like this limited-edition baseball cap from maude, this soothing nipple and lip balm from Hatch and thishydrating lip treatment from MAKE Beauty.

You can also donate directly to Sister Song and help them in their quest to achieve reproductive justice for all.

See the full list of participating beauty brands at everybodycampaign.com. Pricing ranges from $10 to $85 and all products are available for sale now. There’s no end date for the campaign yet, but be sure to shop your favorites while these limited edition products are still in stock.


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