Where Is Nishia Jackson, DJ D Baby Girlfriend? Age And Photos Of Her

Nishia Jackson, DJ D Baby Girlfriend Age And Photos - Where Is She Now?

Nishia Jackson is identified as the girlfriend of Dj D Baby who passed away at 23 ( Source : facebook )

An outstanding disc jockey DJ Dbaby, whose real name is Darian Lewis, passed away after falling from the apartment’s balcony. The Texas-based Dj’s mother confirmed the news of her death via Facebook.

She reportedly owned a hookah business, The Hookah Heroes, based in Houston. The 23-year-old Texan disc jockey had just started her career and regularly performed gigs at the clubs.


Nishia Jackson: Dj Dbaby’s Girlfriend

Nishia Jackson was in a relationship with Dj Dbaby. The partner of the young disc jockey is a school counselor and owner of a club named Culture Htx, according to the information provided on her Facebook.

Terri Lewis, Dj Dbaby’s mother, confirmed the news via her Facebook post. ‘My youngest and only daughter has transitioned; please pray for the family. My heart is heavy and crushed’, Terri Lewis wrote.

She fell from the apartment patio a week ago. According to the rumours, Nishia Jackson, identified as her ex, pushed off her apartment patio; however, Nishia took to her social platform to pull down the claims circulating on the internet.

Jackson took to her Facebook and wrote, ‘She dashed to the terrace. When she climbed into the patio chair, I ran from the door, but she collapsed before I could help her. ‘I truly saw and heard her fall in front of my eyes.’

Everyone kept the disc jockey in their prayers; some even were fasting for her speedy recovery. Dj Daby was in severe condition at the hospital before she succumbed to the injuries following a fall from the apartment’s balcony.

Shocked fans across social platforms flooded the internet with condolence messages and posts. Likewise, the articles highlighting the exclusive death news increased in the public domain in nearly no time.

The Houston-based Dj acknowledged her family, who played a remarkable role in her success. Her parents reportedly gifted her the first Dj equipment as Lewis started her Dj Dbaby journey at Texas Southern University.

Nishia Jackson’s Age

The age of Nishia Jackson, identified as Dj Dbaby’s girlfriend, remains behind the curtain. The disc jockey Lewis reportedly breathed her last on the 13th of July 2022 at 23.

So far, the family has not unveiled the obituary, funeral arrangement, and visitation of Dj Dbaby. In the meantime, our sincere prayers are with the family and loved ones of the Houston-based young disc jockey.



Her friends and family attributed the disc jockey as beautiful in and out, hardworking, passionate, and charming. Her fans will remember her forever as a Houston legend.

Dj Dbaby’s death news met many condolence messages from the fans and cyber citizens on social media platforms. Words cannot serve what Darian Lewis’s family and friends are going through currently.

Nishia Jackson Photos: Where Is She?

Dj Dbaby’s girlfriend Nishia Jackson’s photos are one of the most searched topics about disc jockey following her death. Her pictures are within easy reach on her Facebook account.

Some web sources reported it as an accident from falling from the apartment; in contrast, some said it resulted from succumbing to an illness, and many other reasons have come forward.


The disc jockey died due to domestic violence, according to a source. Lewis was allegedly pushed off the apartment’s patio to death by her girlfriend, unveiled as Nishida.

She was grateful to have supportive parents, family, friends, and fans. They were the ones who kept her grounded and motivated her to thrive for success throughout her career as Dj D Baby.

Talking about what Jackson does for a living, she holds a master’s degree in education and is a school counsellor. Lastly, her whereabouts presently remain behind the curtain.

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