Joy Crookes Dad and Mom: Mercury Prize 2022 Nominee’s Parents Details

Joy, a British singer-songwriter, poses with jewelry for a photograph at the Latitude Festival. ( Source : latitudefestival )

Joy Crookes’s dad is an Irish man from Dublin and her mother is a Bangladeshi.

Being the daughter of a Bengali mother and an Irish father, Joy grew up listening to an electric mix of genres. As a result, she is curious, passionate, and has music-obsessed traits that creep into her creations at every opportunity.

Recently, Joy has gained attention from the public by being one of the nominees for the Mercury Prize 2022. However, Little Smiz has won an award for her album “Sometimes I Might Be introvert.”

Joy Crookes is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. In her music, she incorporates details about relationships, self-reliance, culture, her South London roots, and identity.

Joy Crookes began learning to play string instruments like guitar, piano, and bass as a teenager. She recorded and uploaded a cover version of Ray Charles’ Hit to her YouTube channel in April 2013 and the video received over 600k views in a short period.

Joy released her first single, “New Manhattan,” in February 2016 at 17. Later that year, in August 2016, she released another love song titled “Sinatra.” Since then, she has continued to advance her musical career.


Quick Facts About Joy Crookes

Full Name Joy Elizabeth Akther Crookes
Date Of Birth 9 October 1998
Birth Location Lambeth, London, England
Age 24 years old
Grandfather Frankie Crookes
Ethnicity British-Irish-Bangladeshi
Nationality British
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 56 kg
Boyfriend Ezra-Loyd Jackson
Profession Singer and song writer
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million
Instagram @joycrookes



Who Is Joy Crookes Dad?

Joy Crookes has not revealed her dad’s name yet. However, her grandfather’s name is Frankie Crookes.

Before he passed away in 2018, Crookes had her Irish grandfather’s name, Frankie Crookes, tattooed on her arm.

Joy’s father introduced her to Pakistani and Bengali music. She still has an Asian flavor in her singing and music. Joy revealed to the BBC that she was exposed to music while driving with her father to her Irish dancing lessons and that he wanted to give her a proper education.

After attending a jazz and blues music class, Joy Cookes became interested in singing. At 13, she began posting cover versions of Lura Marling and reggae songs on YouTube.

Crookes attributes her musical preferences and career success to her Bangladeshi-Bangali mother and an Irish father.


Joy Crookes with her Irish father and Bangladeshi mother
Joy Crookes with her Irish father and Bangladeshi mother ( Source : tbsnews )


Joy Crookes Mother

Joy Crookes’s mother is of Bangladeshi descent from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Joy Crookes’s mother has a special bond with her daughter. Joy’s music videos frequently depict the strong bond between mother and daughter.

Joy has not revealed the name of her mother, but she has featured her mother and grandmother in her music video titled “Power.” Through her music, she frequently pays homage to her roots, her mother, and her mother’s country.

The music video “Power,” which features her close family members and friends, is a subtle but important reminder of the significance of a woman’s presence in this world.

When Joy was 14 years old, her parents separated, and she had to move to Ladbroke Grove with her mother. Despite spending more time with her mother, Joy’s father has had a bigger impact on her musical career.


Image taken from Joy Crookes' music video for
Image taken from Joy Crookes’ music video for “Power” shows her with her mother and grandmother. ( Source : gal-dem )


Joy Crookes in “What You Don’t Know About Me”.

Joy Crookes made a recent appearance in “What You Don’t Know About Me,” where she spoke candidly about the things people don’t know about her.

“What You Don’t Know About Me” is a program on the Harper’s Bazaar UK YouTube channel in which celebrities openly share information about themselves that the audience is unaware of.

When asked in the program about the best gift she has ever received, she says it was her first brother. “It was great that was a great day, I had a Motorola Pebble, and there he was this little tiny thing that I love very much,” Joy says.

Joy also stated that what makes her angry is injustice. It doesn’t matter how small or large the injustice is; it enrages her. Her professional life was transformed when she performed on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

She has also given the audience a ton of other responses in the program that they might find interesting.


Joy Crookes appearance on
Joy Crookes appearance on “What You Don’t Know about Me” ( Source : youtube )



Some Facts

How old is Joy Crookes?

Joy Crookes has turned 24 years in age, having been born on October 9, 1998.

What is Joy Crookes’s real name?

Joy Crookes’s real name is Joy Elizabeth Akther Crookes but she prefers Joy.

How tall is Joy Crookes?

Joy Crookes stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches tall.


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