Max Verstappen Sister Blue Jaye Verstappen, The Sibling Who Is Under The Radar

Max Verstappen’s sister Blue Jaye Verstappen ( Source : instagram )

Blue Jaye Verstappen is the youngest sister of Max Verstappen. He is the 2021 Formula One World Champion and a Belgian-Dutch race car driver.

Following his victory in the 2021 Formula One World Championship, Max Verstappen is a well-known professional racer. Red Bull Racing is his Formula One team, and he competes under the Dutch flag.

Max Verstappen, the driver that competed in the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, is the son of Jos Verstappen, a former Formula One driver. Max is the youngest driver to ever compete in the sport.

In the following sections, let’s learn more about the professional driver’s sister Blue Jaye and their family.


How Old Is Blue Jaye Verstappen? Max Verstappen Sister A Cheer For The Family

Blue Jaye Verstappen is currently 7 years old as of 2022. She is mostly known as the sister of Belgium-Dutch professional racing driver Max Verstappen.

Jaye is actually the player’s half-sibling from his father. Moreover, she is prominent too as a celebrity daughter of Jos Verstappen.

Her parents are Jos and Kelly Van Der Waal, who is Jos’ second wife. She has a decent number of followers on her Instagram as well. However, Max’s sister is not much active on the platform.


Blue Jaye Verstappen with her father

Blue Jaye Verstappen with her father ( Source : instagram )


Looking at her Instagram photos, Jaye is more connected with her brother Max as they both are frequently seen on her social media.

She has undoubtedly experienced a lot of love as the family’s youngest daughter and sister.

Likewise, her brother Max races in Formula One for Red Bull Racing while flying the Dutch flag. He is Jos Verstappen’s (a former Formula One driver) son.

He made history as the Formula One driver who entered the sport in the Australian Grand Prix in 2015 at the age of 17 years, 166 days.

Blue Jaye Verstappen’s Birthday: When Was She Born?

Blue Jaye Verstappen was born on September 4, 2014, as per her brother Max Verstappen’s Instagram.

Moreover, a 7-year-old Jaye has blonde hair and she is widely searched for being Max’s sister.


Blue Jaye Verstappen's family celebrating her birthday
Blue Jaye Verstappen’s family celebrating her birthday( Source : instagram )


Blue Jaye is available on Instagram under the username @bluejayeverstappen. She has more that 6K followers with just 7 posts on the platform.

Additionally, Jay, a stunning young woman who is already well-known, will undoubtedly provide additional information on her own social media.


Blue Jaye Verstappen Siblings

Blue Jaye Verstappen has half-siblings from her father named Max Verstappen and a sister Victoria Verstappen.

On October 22, 1999, Victoria Jane Verstappen was born in Hassett, Belgium. Victoria will be 23 years old on October 22, 2022, while she is 22 years old as of 2021.

Victoria, Max’s sister, is about two years younger than her sibling. They both grew up in Hasselt with their parents, Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen. In addition, she has a racing gene and occasionally drives a kart.


Blue Jaye Verstappen siblings Max and Victoria
Blue Jaye Verstappen siblings Max and Victoria( Source : instagram )


She is well-known for having a blood connection to Max, the Dutch-Belgian racing driver. She does, however, have a significant online presence.

The Netherlands-based beauty and fashion blogger Jane also runs a YouTube channel. She has been producing videos since 2013, which is why she is well-known on social media.

Their mother and father also divorce while they are young; as a result, Max moved in with his father while his sister stayed with their mother. Along with Blue Jane from his second marriage, Jason, and Mila Faye from his current marriage, he has three half-siblings through his father.

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