Meet Lakeisha Mims, Yo Gotti’s Ex-wife

Lakeisha Mims Background Details

Yo Gotti, an American rapper and record producer, was married to Lakeisha Mims before they divorced. After being married in 1999, Lakeisha and Yo Gotti welcomed three children before divorcing after nearly ten years.

In the American music industry, Yo Gotti has long established himself as a successful rapper. People who are connected to him in a variety of ways, like his ex-wife Lakeisha, are frequently the subject of his success and celebrity. We can learn some information about her famous ex-wife, Lakeisha Mims, despite the fact that she prefers to maintain a very low profile.

Summary of Lakeisha Mims’ Bio

Full Name Lakeisha Mims
Profession Celebrity’s Ex-wife
Nationality American
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Ex-Husband
No Of Children 3

Lakeisha Mims is an American Native Born in The 1980s

Yo Gotti’s ex-wife, Lakeisha Mims is an American national of mixed ethnicity; she has African-American roots. Beyond this, nothing much else is known about her family history and background. Her actual birth details are not available, but it is assumed that she was born in the 1980s, just like her ex-husband Yo Gotti who was born on the 19th of May 1981.

Lakeisha did not reveal information about her early life and the identities of her parents and siblings. Her educational history is also not available, but it is assumed that she is educated up to a high school level.

Lakeisha Mims is Best Known For Being Yo Gotti’s Ex-Wife

There is no available record of what Lakeisha Mims did or currently does for a living. Her only claim to fame to date is her previous marriage to the popular rapper Yo Gotti, whose real name is Mario Sentell Giden Mims. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Yo has African roots; his father is a Zimbabwe national, while his mother, Geraldine Mims, is a South African.


Though he has attained success, fame, and wealth today, Yo Gotti comes from a very humble background where he started hustling at a very young age in order to make ends meet. He would later develop an interest in music and started rapping at age 14. By the time he was 19, he dropped his debut album titled Youngsta’s On a Come Up.

After that, he has gone on to release 10 more studio albums and numerous successful hit singles. Yo Gotti is currently one of the forces to reckon with the American hip-hop scene. He is also a record producer and owns his own record label dubbed Collective Music Group (CMG) which has produced popular artists, including Moneybagg Yo and 42 Dugg.

How Long Did Lakeisha Mims’ Marriage to Yo Gotti Last?

Yo Gotti and Lakeisha Mims reportedly initially crossed paths in the late 1990s, while they were both still teenagers. Yo had just started to pursue a career in music at this point. Although the specific circumstances of how and when they met are unknown, records indicate that they first grew close friends before beginning a relationship.

They developed a strong bond and were supportive of one another. They decided to take their relationship to the next level by meeting each other’s families after dating for a few years. In 1999, they finally tied the knot in a simple ceremony in front of their families and a small number of close friends.

They Welcomed Two Children Together

After their marriage, Lakeisha and her husband settled into building a family life, and together they bought a home in Memphis. At this time, Yo’s career had already started thriving, and Lakeisha kept on supporting his endeavors. Gotti was this time at the peak of his career, and his efforts were rewarded with several recognitions and nominations.

Lakeisha Mims ex-husband Yo Gotti and one of their daughters
Lakeisha Mims ex-husband Yo Gotti and one of their daughters, 

On her own part, Lakeihsa is only known to be keeping the home and, perhaps, had a business she was running by the side, which is not publicly known. During these years, they welcomed three children; a son and two daughters named Kayla and Mariah Mims. The couple was together raising their kids, and Gotti tried his best to be a present father to them.

However, details of their children are kept away from the media, including when they were born, their education, career endeavors, and what they have been up to since after their parents’ divorce. However, what is certain is that they were all born within the years their marriage lasted.

Lakeisha and Yo Gotti Divorced After About Ten Years of Marriage

Exactly how many years Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti spent together in marriage is known, but their union lasted for about a decade. They reportedly called it quits sometime in late 2010 or early 2011. Details of this information are not verified because their separation and divorce were done completely without any drama.

This is not surprising because even while they were married, Lakeisha and Yo had always kept their personal and family lives away from the media. They apparently followed the same route during their divorce. As such, the actual reason behind their breakup and the terms of their divorce settlement are not publicly disclosed

However, it is most probable that Lakeisha got primary custody of their children while Gotti got visitation rights. It is also believed that the rapper was asked to pay for spousal and child support.

Where is Yo Gotti’s Ex-wife Now?

As the story goes, Lakeisha Mims only came to public and media notice following her marriage to Yo Gottin, and ever since the married packed up, the celebrity wife has simply disappeared from the public eye. Worse luck, Lakeisha does not have a presence on any social media platform, and none of her children appears to be on social media.

This has made it very difficult to keep a tab on her life to know what she has been up to and whether she got remarried. She might still be living in Memphis with her children, but it is also possible that she has moved out of the city. But whichever it is, it is believed that Lakeisha Mims and her children are living a comfortable and fulfilled life.

Yo Gotti with his ex-girlfriend Yaya in 2020
Yo Gotti with his ex-girlfriend Yaya Sandoval in 2020, 

Her ex-husband Yo Gotti’s story, however, is not the same. The rapper’s music career has flourished after their divorce, and he has attained far greater prominence as a result of his several chart-topping albums and hit songs. Outside of that, Yo Gotti has maintained a busy love life even though he hasn’t remarried.

Following his split from Lakeisha, he dated a number of women, such as Instagram model Yaya Sandoval and fashion designer Angela Simmons. He currently has six kids in total, including the ones he had with his ex-wife.

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