Vtuber Lord Aethelstan Has Done Face Reveal On His Twitter -How Old Is He

How Old Is Vtuber Lord Aethelstan? Has He Done Face Reveal On His Twitter?

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An independent English-language VTuber on Twitch, well known as Lord Aethelstan has revealed his face through his Twitter. 

After so long, finally the real face is revealed, and fans are quite impressed by his looks. He looks quite young, but the actual age is still unknown.

kept his face hidden for so long and has previously released his face on the Internet, but his actual name has not been revealed yet.

He is an independent English-language VTuber on Twitch and is very popular. His name has the meaning “noble stone.”

He is well known for composing songs for VShojo members, including Go Banyanners and Boof Pack.

He has a Twitter account with the username @LordAethelstan. He joined Twitter in October 2020 and has about 38.9k followers. He has earned a lot of name and fame in such a short span.


VTuber Lord Aethelstan Age

Talking about Lord Aethelstan’s age, he looks like a teenager.

However, he has not posted a lot of pictures. So, the exact age is still unknown.

According to his bio, he is 1000 years old. But, he was born on November 2; he has posted on his Twitter account thanking all of his friends, old and new, for making his birthday special and also revealed that his birthday is the hardest day of the year for him due to some personal history.



He has mostly shared an animated pictures, so it is quite difficult to assume his actual age. 

He is a Twitch-based independent English-language VTuber known as an online performer who uses animation to build a virtual avatar using computer and software technology. Most of his Twitter posts are filled with animated avatars.

Lord Aethelstan Wiki

According to the wiki of Aethel Vtuber, Lord Aethelstan is a Twitch-based independent English-language VTuber.

He was born on November 2, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Quite popular as Lord Aethelstan on social media has disclosed his face on the internet. But, his name and other personal details are still unknown.


Anime Character introduced by Lord Aethelstan
Anime Character introduced by Lord Aethelstan


 He joined Twitter on May 24, 2021, twitted about his image, and posted it. Also, He has about 62.5 k followers on Twitch and a bio with “I’m an undying lord that makes music and goofs off. See ya in the castle.”

He mentioned that “I am a 1000-year-old undying lord. I was sent to protect you and to bring light into the realm. We game, goof and make music.”

Net Worth of Lord Aethelstan

The Vtuber Lord Aethelstan must have amassed a decent amount of net worth.

Since he has good followers on his Youtube channel and Twitch channel and is also a music composer, he earns a lot.

He has around 33.5 k subscribers on his youtube channel and around 62.5 k followers on Twitch. He has quite impressive fan followers.

As per the source, VTubers has an estimated net worth of about $6.16 million. All this earning is through their youtube advertising revenue. Vtuber may earn furthermore from other additional sources of revenue as well.

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