Who are Jimmy Butler’s Parents? Meet His Mom and Dad

Jimmy Butler Parents Background

Jimmy Butler II and Londa Butler are Jimmy Butler’s parents. Jimmy was born on September 14, 1989, and the couple has since divorced. When NBA player Jimmy Butler was a baby, his father abandoned his family. Jimmy’s mother, Londa Butler, also ejected him from their home at the age of 13. The professional basketball player from America was therefore raised without his parents. He reportedly gets along well with both of his parents and has nothing against them.

Because his parents didn’t play a significant role in his upbringing, Jimmy Butler’s exploits in the NBA have inspired many. However, the small forward is reluctant to embrace the narratives about him once being homeless. Jimmy has insisted that although his parents abandoned him, the story has been blown out of proportion. This is because he has a surrogate family that took him in during high school. For him, he was never homeless as is often inferred.

Who Are Jimmy Butler’s Biological Parents?

Jimmy Butler’s parents are Jimmy Butler II and Londa Butler. According to reports, the two are no longer together. If they were ever married, their marriage officially ended over three decades ago. Several platforms have reported that Jimmy Buttler II and Londa Butler parted ways while their son was still an infant. Given that the NBA star is now 33 years old, it is quite easy to see how long the couple has been apart.

For several reasons, people have been curious about the identity of Jimmy Butler’s parents. For starters, his great accomplishment in the NBA has piqued the interest of many regarding his personal life. Apart from that, the claim that he was a homeless kid has fueled an interest in his background.

Who Is Jimmy Butler’s Father, Jimmy Butler III?

Jimmy Butler’s father, Jimmy Butler II, is an American who belongs to the African-American ethnic group. While his age, place of birth, and other background information have eluded the public space, it is said that he was born in the United States of America. Because his son, named after him, was born in Houston, Texas, multiple reports concluded that Jimmy Butler II was also born and brought up in Houston, Texas.

While that might be true, it has not been meaningfully confirmed and validated. At the moment, what most people know about Jimmy Butler’s father is that he abandoned his wife, Londa Butler, with their son Jimmy. According to reports, Jimmy was still an infant when his father abandoned the family. So Jimmy grew up without his father, and this remained so for a long time. But recently, it has been reported that the six-time NBA All-Star is on good terms with his father.

Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan

Why People Think Michael Jordan Is Jimmy Butler’s Father

Because of the fact that much isn’t known about Jimmy Butler III, there have been speculations about Micheal Jordan being the biological father of the NBA star. These speculations have attempted to validate this claim through various means. For instance, similarities are often drawn between Jordan’s and Jimmy’s play style and body language.

As a result, there is speculation that Jimmy is the illegitimate child Jordan fathered while getting ready to wed Juanita Vanoy, his first wife. According to the allegation, Jordan was desperate to escape the controversy that would arise if it were revealed that he had fathered a child without Vanoy. In order to keep his name clean, he promised to pay the woman off.

There is no concrete evidence to back up the allegations that Michael Jordan is Jimmy Butler’s real father, despite the fact that many NBA fans have made jokes about it and entertained the idea.

Who Is Jimmy Butler’s Mother, Londa Butler?

Jimmy Butler’s mother, Londa Butler, is an American woman who also belongs to the African-American ethnic group. Like her former husband, Jimmy Butler II much isn’t known about Londa Butler’s family life and upbringing. Information regarding her age, parents, and siblings is not available to the public. However, it is believed that she was born and brought up in Tomball, Texas.

According to some reports, Londa Butler, living in Houston, Texas, was a student at Tomball High School. These reports claim that she graduated from public high school in 1980 and proceeded to Lone Star College to further her education. She reportedly studied to become a medical office receptionist at Lone Star.

Following her graduation, Londa worked as a receptionist for a while. But now, it is said that she works as a caregiver. This means she earns a living from assisting elderly people or patients who are incapacitated in one way or the other. Londa Butler’s ex-husband abandoned her and their son Jimmy when the basketball player was a child. As such, Londa cared for Jimmy until he was 13. Reports have it that she kicked Jimmy out of their home at that age.

Jimmy Butler and his mother Londa Butler
Jimmy Butler and his mother, Londa Butler 

Why Did Jimmy Butler’s Mother Put Him Out?

Why Jimmy Butler’s mother kicked him out of their home when he was 13 years old isn’t clear. According to some accounts, Londa Butler told Jimmy, “I don’t like the look of you” when she put him out. The reports that claim Jimmy is Michael Jordan’s son suggest it was because she stopped receiving payments for his upkeep. But then, this has never been verified.

Other accounts relate that Jimmy Butler’s mother put him out because he gave her a hard time. These reports claim that Jimmy was a handful. He was always getting into trouble, and when his mother couldn’t deal with it anymore, she asked him to move out. The NBA star holds no grudges against his mother. He even stated in one of his interviews that he and his mother are on great terms. According to him, they love each other, and that would never change.

Meet Jimmy Butler’s Surrogate Parents, Michael and Michelle Lambert


After Londa kicked Jimmy out, he lived with multiple friends but eventually found a permanent home when he befriended Jordan Leslie, a former American football wide receiver. He began staying at his new friend’s home, and Leslie’s parents, Michael and Michelle Lambert, eventually took him in.

Michael and Michelle Lambert had many children already and were skeptical about having Jimmy live with them. Michelle had four children with her first husband, who had died, and Michael had three. So they had seven children to care for already. But then their kids had grown fond of Jimmy, so Michael and Michelle decided to have him stay. However, they set ground rules for him, which ultimately helped him improve his academic performance.

Jimmy experienced family support for the first time in his life, and as a result, he rose to fame with the Tomball High School Cougars. The NBA player enjoys an excellent working connection with his adoptive parents. For their part in his life, he has expressed gratitude to them in public multiple times.

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