Who Is Dr. Doug Weiss’ Wife, Is He Engaged or Divorced?

Dr Doug Weiss Wife Background Details

The creator of Heart to Heart Counseling Center, which focuses on treating sex addicts, intimacy anorexics, and their partners, Dr. Douglas Weiss is an internationally renowned licensed psychologist, therapist, and expert on sex addiction. His recent divorce from Lisa Weiss made news, and many of his fans want to know if he has since remarried. Who then is Dr. Doug Weiss’ current spouse?

Is Dr. Doug Weiss Married or Divorced?

Dr. Doug Weiss was formally married to Lisa Weiss, his wife of close to 30 years of marriage. However, it has been reported by multiple sources that they decided to put an end to their union and part ways. Although Dr. Doug Weiss is a well-known and critically acclaimed novelist, his former wife, Lisa Weiss, is also a writer.


Not much is known about Lisa Weiss, but it has been established that she was not only Doug’s wife, but was and is still his business partner and fellow employee of the Heart to Heart Counselling Centre. She also assisted him during counseling, as it is also reported that they both held counseling sessions together.

Lisa contributed to novels that Doug wrote because she is a writer as well. The writing and publication of “The Marriage Book” and “Intimacy and Anorexia” were two among their numerous collaborations. They also published articles on how to build relationships between partners by helping them better understand one another’s needs.

They built a remarkable family of four children and six grandkids throughout the course of their lengthy marriage. Sadly, they decided to separate ways without offering a reason in 2022. It’s still unclear whether the cause was illogical conflicts or just that a change was long overdue.

What Led to Dr. Doug Weiss’ Wife’s Divorce?

The reason why Doug and Lisa decided to divorce has not been revealed to the media yet. Multiple reports have it that the marriage counselor and his ex-wife first met at the Heart to Heart Counseling Center.

Dr. Doug Weiss's Wife

The exact date they first met is clearly not given, however, it is said that they dated for a while before getting married. Doug and Lisa’s wedding date is also unknown, but they enjoyed a happy marriage that lasted for more than twenty-five years.

Doug and Lisa’s journey to a “happily ever after ending” unfortunately suffered setbacks, as they divorced in 2022. The reason for Doug and Lisa’s divorce remains a mystery to the media and their teeming followers. However, their separation drew wide mixed reaction from the public. To many people, Dr. Doug Weiss was known for mending relationships and marital infidelity, so the news of his divorce came as a shock to many.

The famous psychologist, counselor, and specialist on sex addiction became widely known over the years for helping individuals and couples deal with issues such as infidelity and drug addiction. He is also known for his religious views and for speaking highly against divorce.

Is Joni Lamb Engaged to Doug Weiss?

Joni Lamb was engaged to be married to Doug Weiss, however, they are now happily married. Their wedding took place on June 10, 2023, and while the specific details about the event have not been revealed yet, the public first got wind of the it from Joni Lamb’s Instagram page where she shared the news.


Joni and Weiss were first seen together by the media in January 2023, this was said to have sparked widespread speculation about their relationship. Although it was initially dismissed as mere rumors, the doubts surrounding the relationship were dispelled when Joni took to her Instagram account on March 10, 2023, to confirm her engagement personally.

Joni Lamb is a Christian broadcaster and one of the co-founders, vice presidents, and executive producers of the Daystar Television Network. She has been actively involved in Christian television since the 1980s and is renowned for her collaborative work with her late husband, Marcus Lamb, at Daystar.

Marcus Lamb, an American televangelist, prosperity theology, clergyman, Christian broadcaster, and opponent of vaccinations, was the famed journalist’s husband. Sadly, after 39 years of marriage, Marcus passed away at the age of 64 in November 2021 as a result of COVID-19-related complications. Jonathan, Rachel, and Rebecca Lamb are the three children born to Joni Lamb and Marcus.

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