Who Is Meghan King’s New Boyfriend Kenny? RHOC Star Gushed About Her Man

Meghan King, a reality television star, at the 6th Annual Celebrity Red Carpet Safety Awareness Event 2017, in California. ( Source : self )

Meghan King is currently seeing her new boyfriend, Kenny, as she revealed on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast.

RHOC star also talked about traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to meet up with a man named Mike. Mike is a man whom she met on a dating app called Raya.

However, there is not much information on her new boyfriend, Kenny. They are longtime friends, and they recently met in Denver, Colorado. The news related to her relationship with Kenny is a hot topic on several online sources. Meghan gushed about sharing the days with Kenny while they shared some part of history.

Meghan King is known for her relationships and married life. She is an American television personality and a cast member of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.


Quick Facts On Meghan King

Name Meghan King
Birth Name Meghan O’Toole King
Age 38 years old
Date of Birth September 26, 1984
Boyfriend Kenny
Occupation Television personality
Instagram @meghanking



Who Is Meghan King’s New Boyfriend, Kenny?

Meghan King’s new boyfriend, Kenny, is her old friend; they have been together for over 7 years.

RHOC star Meghan gushed about her days with Kenny as she shared the stories from Denver and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While visiting her friend for a business trip, she met Kenny in Denver, Colorado. But she ended up having a date with her friend, who is likely to be much more senior. So they hanged for a couple of days and stayed together during Meghan’s days in Colorado.

Likewise, they shared lunch and talked about the past. They also shared some parts of their life back in the years. She regards Kenny as her best friend, unaware she has a male boyfriend, as she mentioned on her podcast.

Kenny and Meghan shared the best days of their lives, while Meghan also mentioned that the date was much better. They spent the night watching the television together, she said on her podcast.


Cuffe Biden Owens (R), Meghan King's ex-husband, and her kids at their wedding in October 2021.
Cuffe Biden Owens (R), Meghan King’s ex-husband, and her kids at their wedding in October 2021. ( Source : otakukart )


Meghan King’s New Boyfriend, Instagram, And Age

Meghan King shared her recent days with her longtime friend and her new boyfriend, Kenny.

Kenny is her longtime pal, but there is much not information available on him. He must be an active social media user, but he is not currently present on Instagram. As of, Meghan King is a vivid Instagram user with over 990K followers. She is known for sharing updates related to her daily life and professional career.

Meghan was born on September 26, 1984, and she recently celebrated her 38 birthday with her friends and family. Kenny is senior to her, which was mentioned on the podcast “Intimate Knowledge,” which makes him older than Meghan. So Kenny is probably at around 40-45 years old, relating to Meghan’s age.

Moreover, Kenny’s Instagram handle is still under review, and Meghan remains active on her account, updating posts frequently. Her IG bio describes that she is a mom to her three children, Aspen, Hayes, and Hart.

Who Is Meghan King’s Ex-Boyfriend, Mike?

Meghan King is also related to her ex-boyfriend Mike, who appears to be the guy from the dating app Raya.

Mike and Meghan got matched their profile on a dating app called Raya. Mike is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, while Meghan also traveled to his place to spend the days with him. However, the date didn’t go as expected.


RHOC star Meghan King and Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson made headlines on their date night in September 2022.
RHOC star Meghan King and Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson made headlines on their date night in September 2022. ( Source : bachelornation )


RHOC star Meghan went to Mike’s son’s soccer game, and she was introduced to his family. She was pleased to be with Mike until they shared dinner. Although they shared some words and the date ended with a terrible feeling, Meghan talks on the podcast.

While, Meghan is also linked with Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson. Both of them have not shared anything official regarding their relationship. However, they were often seen together, and people think that Mike Johnson is Meghan’s ex-boyfriend. Meghan married three men, Brad McDill, Jim Edmonds, and Cuffe Biden Owens, but divorced them all. She shares three children with her ex-husband Jim Edmonds.


Some Facts

Who is Meghan King’s new boyfriend, Kenny?

Meghan King’s new boyfriend, Kenny from Denver, Colorado, is an old friend, and they have known each other for more than seven years.

Who is Mike, Meghan’s ex-boyfriend?

Meghan’s ex-boyfriend Mike is a guy she met from the dating app Raya, who resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How old is Meghan King from RHOC?

RHOC star Meghan King is 38 years old, born on September 26, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

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