Why Is Singer Mario Mother Cause of Death Explored: Shawntia Hardaway Died Age 57

Shawntia Hardaway Died Age 57, Singer Mario Mother Cause of Death Explored

Singer Mario has a bitter truth in his life ( Source : eurweb )

Shawntia Hardaway was the mother of singer Mario. The singer was dealing with label concerns as well as other difficulties that would prevent him from releasing records.

For almost ten years Mario didn’t release his record. His mother overdosed on drugs and died in 2017. Mario channeled his grief at losing his mother into his music, dedicating a significant portion of his career to her.

Shawntia had to leave away from her son because he left her for her drug addiction. According to him, he did that as he felt that their relationship would not improve.


Shawntia Hardaway Age At Death

Mario announced Shawntia Hardaway’s death at the age of 57 through his Instagram on Friday night, the 2nd of June in 2017.

Although there is little information regarding what led to Hardaway’s passing, Mario has always been open about his mother’s heroin addiction.

Despite his love and steadfast devotion to his mother, they did not always get along. Shawntia recognized ability in her young son and encouraged him to play for customers at a local barbershop, where he was paid.


Shawntia Hardaway with her son Mario
Shawntia Hardaway with her son Mario( Source : co )


Additionally, his mother got him a karaoke machine, preparing him for neighborhood talent shows. The 11-year-old wowed the judges with his performance of Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” at one show.

In addition to impressing the judges, Mario also wowed the audience, which included Troy Patterson, the owner, and CEO of Third Street Music Group Production. Patterson got to know the young man and ended up managing him.

Shawntia’s actual date of birth is not known, so her age at the time of her death is not confirmed and it may vary in a different articles. But she must be in her fifties when she passed away.


Singer Mario Mother Shawntia Hardaway Cause of Death

After a protracted struggle with heroin addiction, Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway passed away in 2017. I Won’t Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom, an MTV documentary, chronicled their turbulent relationship.

According to TMZ, singer Mario was detained after allegedly assaulting Shawntia Hardaway in their shared Baltimore apartment. The MTV show detailed the 24-year-old performer’s relationship with his mother, a former heroin addict.

Mario was detained on suspicion of second-degree assault and later freed on a $50,000 bond. The song “Do Right” from the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant’s 2007 album “Go!” was previously dedicated to his mother.

Shawntia Hardaway Drugs: How Did She Die?

Years before his mother passed away, Mario co-founded “The Mario Do Right Foundation” in an effort to continue helping her. The organization’s goal is to assist youngsters whose parents are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

There were ups and downs in Mario’s mother Shwntia Hardaway’s struggle to remain drug-free over the years, but it was a daily struggle that tragically came to an end in June 2017 when the singer’s mother passed away from an overdose.


Mario grieving his mother's death
Mario grieving his mother’s death( Source : theybf )


Drug addiction is very dangerous for the one who gets involved and even for the person’s family. It ruins the relationship and creates and creator between the loved ones.

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