Is Ali Velshi Leaving MSNBC? Is He Sick/Ill

Ali Velshi is a journalist for MSNBC and has worked there for more than five years. Velshi is said to be leaving the network as of 2022.

Ali was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1971, where he was raised. He is of Gujarati Indian heritage and is an Ismaili Muslim.

Velshi went to Northern Secondary School in Toronto, where he was voted as the school’s president. In 1994, he graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, with a degree in religious studies.

Ali made waves during his time at Queen’s by organizing anti-President Preston Manning and Reform Party of Canada protests. In 2010, he was honored with the Queen’s University Alumni Achievement Award.


What Happened To Ali Velshi MSNBC?

Ali Velshi is currently in the news and websites after the rumors of him leaving MSNBC after all these years were spread among the people.

Although both Ali and the network have not confirmed the news, some people have believed the speculations and are curious to find out about his background.

Velshi is a Canadian television journalist who has worked for NBC News since October 2016 as a senior economic and business correspondent. Velshi is a New York-based artist. Since October 2016, he has worked for MSNBC.


Ali Velshi for Inc. Magazine
Ali Velshi for Inc. Magazine


Velshi was CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent, the anchor of CNN’s Your Money, and a co-host of the weekday business show World Business Today on CNN International.

In August of that year, he joined Al Jazeera America, a station that had just been founded. He hosted Ali Velshi on Target until April 12, 2016, when Al Jazeera America discontinued broadcasting.

Are The Rumors Of Ali Velshi Leaving MSNBC True?

Despite all the rumors of Ali Velshi leaving MSNBC, the reporter has shown signs of him working for the network for many more years.

Mr. Velshi is sending out a tweet on Ukrainian refugees seeking refuge in Hungary. So, be assured that your favorite journalist will not be leaving MSNBC for another outlet.

Anchor for MSNBC Inside Hungary’s Záhony railway station, Ali and his crew reveal how they go on MSNBC air. In covering the tale, they faced several obstacles, including bad weather and technological challenges.

Velshi is anchoring MSNBC broadcasts near railway lines, which means he has to deal with a lot of interference that wouldn’t be there in a studio.

To manage foreign logistics, the crew works with local fixers. So, instead of leaving the show, he does everything he can to cover the story and get it to your location.

Where Is Ali Velshi Going Now?

Ali Velshi’s recent tweets and activities prove that he is not going anywhere from his current position on MSNBC.


Ali Velshi reporting from MSNBC
Ali Velshi reporting from MSNBC


The American Political Science Association granted Velshi a fellowship to the United States Congress in 1996. He worked with Lee H. Hamilton, then a Democratic Representative from Indiana, was in this position.

Velshi joined MSNBC in October 2016 and works as a Business Correspondent for NBC News, MSNBC’s parent company.

Ali co-hosted the MSNBC news show Velshi & Ruhle at 1:00 p.m. ET with Stephanie Ruhle and his own show at 3:00 p.m.

Velshi was also named as the Friday edition’s fill-in host of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Velshi was reassigned to Saturday mornings with his show in December 2019.

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