Is The “100 Thieves” Star Neekolul Convicted? Drama Explained

Drama Explained: Is The "100 Thieves" Star Neekolul Convicted?

The League of Legends team, 100 Thieves star Neekolul was convicted of domestic violence against her boyfriend.

Neekolul is a famous American Twitch streamer known to be the star player of the league of legend tournament team 100 Thieves. She is known as one of the well-known twitch streamers, along with others like Ashmongold, Pink Sparkles, Ten Z, and more.

Neekolul has established herself as one of the most progressive twitch streamers but created a massive buzz in the media after getting convicted on the accusation of domestic violence against his boyfriend. Nicole Sanchez is the streamer’s actual name, but later she adopted the title of Neekolul. She hasn’t revealed her exact birthdate but announced that she was born in 1995.

The 24 years old was born and raised in San Mateo, California, USA. She started streaming on Twitch in 2017 and has continued her profession till now. Out of nowhere, Neekolul got all hyped up in TikTok after she posted a TikTok video featuring lip-syncing on the song, Oki Doki Boomer, wearing a Bernie 2020 crop top.

After gaining massive media popularity, in July 2020, she was signed as a content creator for the league of legend team 100 thieves.


Quick facts about Neekolul

Full Name Nichole Sanchez
Popularly known as Neekolul
Birth year 1995
Birthplace San Mateo, California, USA
Age 24 years
Occupation Twitch Streamer
Years Active 2017-present
Net Worth $2.5 million
Instagram neekolul



Is Neekolul a Convicted Felon? Drama Explained

Neekolul was convicted felon in May 2018 for a domestic violence case, ending her in anger management classes for six months.

Neekolul had just started her career in 2018 when one day, she was convicted. Police detained the twitch streamer in May before her rise to fame. Neekolul was involved in the biggest scandal caused by her troubled relationship with her then-boyfriend. The police detained her for abusing him, which led her to six-month anger management classes along with one-year parole.


Neekolul streaming a game during one of the tournament.
Neekolul streaming a game during one of the tournament. ( Source : editors )


The streamer was convicted four years back, but the news about her conviction started to resurface after she became famous in 2020. She also shared how she felt after being portrayed as an abuser who had no control over her emotions and aggression. Neekolul was also said to have committed assault and domestic violence crimes of corporal injury.

As time passed, the news spread again on July 2020, they seemed severe, and the twitch star faced backlash on social media. After the event, people are still harassing her over this case, so she finally decided to open up about the incident and everything included in it.

How Neekolul Abuse Story Backfired?

Neekolul received a massive backlash from the internet for being an abuser, about which she has spoken up recently.

Neekolul posted a note on her Twitter after she received a lot of hate and backlash for abusing her ex-boyfriend.  As she was receiving backlash from many people, she also shed light on her part of the story. In her tweet, she revealed that not her but her boyfriend was abusive, and she had to live in terror for seven years.

While most people on the internet heard her story and ended up showering with support, quite a few people thought that Neekolul was, in truth, the culprit and not the victim. Besides Twitter, Twitch streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell did not believe her story and wanted to know what she did to be the book for domestic abuse.

Neekolul Boyfriend and Update 2022

Neekolul is dating her new boyfriend, Nick Brotman.

After the case about her being in an abusive relationship settled down a bit, everything started to get on track for Neekolul. She started having a better and decent life at that particular moment. Now, as she has moved on from her, she is currently dating her now-boyfriend, Nick Brotman.


Neekolul with her boyfriend Nick.
Neekolul with her boyfriend Nick. ( Source : instagram )


Nick is a big name in the world of YouTubing, as he is the co-founder of the world’s largest content creator talent agency-Night Media. It has produced great talents like Mr. Beast, Preston, and Karl Jacob. The relationship with her now boyfriend is something she loves to share among her fans as the bond and love between them is adorable.


Some Facts

Who is Neekolul?

Neekolul is a famous twitch streamer and TikToker who also plays the role of content creator in 100 Thieves.

Where was Neekolul born?

Neekolul was born in California, USA in 1995 and is 24 years old.

Why was Neekolul convicted?

Neekolul was convicted on the charge of Domestic violence against her boyfriend.

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