Kane Lim Father Kenny Lim: Net Worth In Billions and Family Business

Who Is Kenny Lim? Facts About Kane Lim's Father, Net Worth And Family Business

Kane Lim’s father, Kenny Lim, is a billionaire from Singapore with a family business of oil, shipping, and property ventures.

The family business is worth to be more than a billion dollars. In addition, oil and property ventures are significant sources of income for the family business.

Bling Empire cast Kane Lim is one of the socialites in the reality television series. The TV series is based on the lives of wealthy and socialite Southeast Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area. Kane is one of the cast members of the series, along with South Korean-born Kevin Kreider.

Moreover, Kane is known for his wealth and family business. His net worth also comes from his stock holding, which he started investing at 17. He was a multi-millionaire at a young age in which most of his net worth is derived from his family holdings in oil and several other businesses.


Quick Facts On Kane Lim

Name Kane Lim
Net Worth $ 20 million
Occupation TV personality, actor
Father Kenny Lim Oon Cheng
Known For Bling Empire
Instagram @kanelk_k
TikTok @kanelim


Who Is Kane Lim’s Father Kenny Lim Oon Cheng?

Kane Lim from Bling Empire has a father, Kenny Lim Oon Cheng, who is identified as a businessperson from Singapore with his investment in oil and property ventures.

Kenny Lim is regarded as one of the wealthiest family members of the Bling Empire’s cast. However, Kane prefers to keep details about his family members a secret.

His brother is Lim Oon Kuin, the founder of Hin Leong Trading (HLT), who makes the list of billionaires from Singapore. However, as reported by Forbes, his company filed for bankruptcy in 2020. The case led him to lose some wealth, knocking down his net worth below $1 billion.

Moreover, Kenny Lim encouraged his son to invest in the business, leading Kna to become one of the young millionaires in the reality Tv series Bling Empire. Kane is seen displaying his lavish lifestyle across his social media platforms.


 Kane Lim's father, Kenny Lim Oon Cheng, a Singaporean businessperson
Kane Lim’s father, Kenny Lim Oon Cheng, a Singaporean businessperson ( Source : dimsumdaily )


Kenny Lim Net Worth and Family Business

Kenny Lim is estimated to be worth around $ 1.3 billion; however, his son Kane Lim shared that his father is not that rich, reported South China Morning Post.

Their family business primarily includes oil trading, shipping, and investing in property ventures. In addition, Kane made many investments in the stock market, making him a millionaire before age 20.

Likewise, all of Kenny’s family members share their business. But, Kane has not disclosed anything about their net worth and sources of income. Moreover, Lim Oon Kuin, who is believed to be the brother of Kenny Lim, was involved in the fraudulent activities.

The assets, estimated at around $3.5 billion, were frozen by the authorities for the investigation to be handled properly. Either Kelly or Kane has talked about the case on any platform.

Kenny’s son Kane’s luxurious shoe collection flaunts his lavish lifestyle. On his Instagram handle, he is seen enjoying the most beautiful places across the United States and Singapore.

Kenny Lim Oon Cheng Children and Wife

Kenny Lim Oon Cheng is blessed with one child, Kane Lim, from his married life with his wife.

However, he may have another child too, but the information regarding his family details is still under review. His son, Kane Lim, is seen with his mother and grandparents on his Instagram posts. He has shared his grandparent’s video on his Instagram post, where they were seen near Kane’s first billboard in Asia.

Kane’s father, Kelly, has no social media accounts. He doesn’t appear on his son’s Instagram either, but his wife is often seen together with his son. Kane has updated his timeline with his mother celebrating her birthday. It is seen that he is much closer to his mother rather than his father.



More On Kenny Lim Oon Cheng’s Son Kane Lim

Kane Lim is known for his appearance on the Netflix reality television series Bling Empire. It showcases the wealthy lifestyle of Southeast Asians in the Los Angeles area.

His Instagram bio described himself as a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has over 831K followers on his IG handle.

Kane originally hails from Singapore but is settled in Los Angeles. He made his career grab the opportunity with Netflix for the Bling Empire series. He is the model for Fenty Beauty, becoming the first Southeast Asian ambassador. Fenty Beauty is Rihana’s line of beauty products.

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