Meet Kevin Durant’s Brothers Tony and Rayvonne Pratt

Rayvonne Pratt Background Details

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Who is Kelvin Durant’s Brother, Tony Pratt?

  • Date of Birth: January 6, 1986
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Occupation: Basketballer
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Anthony “Tony” Durant was born on January 6, 1986, in Suitland, Maryland, United States. He is the first child of his parents, Wayne Pratt and Wanda Durant. Moreover, he is of African-American ethnicity.

Tony was a student of Suitland High School in Forestville, Maryland, and St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas, where he completed his high school education. While in school, he was an active member of the college basketball team.

Tony has a grandmother named Barbara Davis and three siblings overall: Brothers Kelvin Durant and Rayvonne Pratt and sister Brianna Pratt. He is three years older than Kevin.

Tony Pratt Is Also A Basketball Player

In Prince George’s County, Maryland, their single mother Wanda Durant reared Kevin and his brother Tony Durant in spartan circumstances. Tony appears to be quite close to his NBA-star brother and played college basketball for a spell. His career isn’t as prominent as his brother’s, though.

It could be that he didn’t play for a “big” NBA franchise. He described his time as a player for Towson University as a “really good career.”He played all through college and contributed significantly to some of their wins.While playing as a forward for Towson in 2008, Tony was a junior college transfer who was in his first year on a scholarship, according to ESPN.

At 6 foot 7 inches tall, Tony Durant stands shorter than his brother, Kevin who is 6 feet 11 inches (2.11 m) tall. He also weighs about 245 pounds, which makes him heavier than the NBA star who weighs approximately 109 kg, which is just appropriate for a basketballer.

Moreover, Kelvin seems to be more skillful and talented than Tony. This might have been the reason Kevin made it to the professional level in his career while Tony, unfortunately, did not.

Tony Durant Admits That He and His Brother, Kelvin Durant, Fight Sometimes

In an interview with TripleMcDouble, basketball player, Tony revealed that he and his brother “fight sometimes.” However, this happened more during their childhood, while growing up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He further disclosed that their mom was responsible for helping them to ” develop a love for basketball” as she’d take them to the rec center.

A popular story Kelvin told was about a time in his eighth grade when he and his brother were fighting before school and he (Kevin) hurled a boot across the living room at his older brother, who ducked and the glass light switch cover on the wall behind him shattered.

Kelvin needed $10 to fix the broken glass but couldn’t afford it. Tony, then a sophomore in high school, withdrew money from his pay at McDonald’s and gave it to Kelvin to fix the damage. However, Kevin would finally repay his big brother with a shiny, black 2007 Dodge Charger in August 2021, when he was an established basketball player.

Furthermore, he (Tony) told TripleMcDouble that he knew his brother, Kelvin, was going to be a great player when he was between 12 and 13. And so he took it upon himself to instill confidence and belief in his brother. Even so, Kelvin confirmed this during one of his MVP acceptance speeches.

So even though he and his brother disagree sometimes, they still have a strong bond. Tony attends his games quite often to cheer and supports him, with Kelvin, sometimes, acknowledging him after the game.

Who Is Rayvonne Pratt?

Rayvonne Pratt is the younger brother of Tony and Kelvin Durant. He was born and raised in Ruler George’s District, Maryland, in the eastern rural areas of Washington, D.C., United States. He is also from the African-American ethnicity and is a Christian. However, his birth date and age remain undisclosed.

Unlike his brother, Kelvin, who took his mother’s surname, Rayvonne adopted his paternal name. Likewise, he isn’t as famous as his elder brother and has mostly lived a quiet life, out of media attention.

Why Does Rayvonne not Bear “Durant”?

The surname “Pratt” which Rayvonne uses is his paternal family name.  On the other hand, “Durant” is their maternal name. However, Rayvonne and his sister Briana bear the name Pratt while their eldest siblings bear the name “Durant” for obvious reasons.

Their father, Wayne Pratt, was said to have abandoned his family when Kevin was just 9 months old and Tony was equally very young. Wanda had to toil to make ends meet for herself and the two boys. This reason is said to have prompted Kelvin and Tony to adopt Durant instead of their father’s surname, Pratt!

Meanwhile, Wayne later returned to his family at the time that Kevin was eleven years old. This allegedly let to Wanda getting pregnant with another child –  Rayvonne and subsequently,  Briana Pratt. Therefore, this is believed to be the reason Rayvonne uses his paternal surname.

Rayvonne Pratt Isn’t Interested In Playing Basketball Like His Brothers 

Despite not having played professionally, Rayvonne has played basketball. Despite the fact that his father, Wayne Pratt, was a basketball coach, Tony Pratt played high school and college basketball, and famously, Kelvin Pratt went on to become a basketball icon. Rayvonne decided to concentrate on another area.

Compared to his brothers, who are constantly in the media’s sights and ready to make headlines whether on or off the basketball floor, Rayvonne would prefer to shield and keep some privacy with relation to his job. In essence, the American who was born in Washington hasn’t been asked about his personal life or choice of job in any interview or media conversation.

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